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Spring Deer

Barbecued Peking Duck Spring Deer is one of the better Zi Char places in Hong Kong. Everyday, the restaurant will attain full house, packed with customers. All the dishes that

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Hard Rock Cafe

Jumbo Combo Hard Rock Cafe is a reputable junk food bar that is truly recognised anywhere around the world. Jumbo Combo (188HKD) is the grand sampler of all Hard Rock Cafe’s

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First and foremost, I thank Jan for buying me the eight pieces of Ladurée macarons as a White Day gift ♥ Ladurée is known to sell the world’s best macarons alongside Pierre

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Bubba Gump

Mushroom Veggie Burger I was pretty sick of munching Asian dim sums everyday during my trip in Hong Kong. So we decided to chill out at an American restaurant, Bubba

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Butao Ramen

Black King Butao Ramen is indeed one of the better ramen shop that I’ve tried. Why? Because the soup base is rich in flavour and saltier which makes the taste more

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