Tanamera Coffee & Milkbar Joint Venture


EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at Tanamera Coffee Roastery at Pantai Indah Kapuk

Tanamera Coffee Roastery opens a new franchised outlet at Pantai Indah Kapuk. Only at this outlet that they partnered up with Milkbar gelato parlour so you can have gelato right after you had your coffee and mains.

The interior colour scheme is very much similar to other Tanamera outlets where black is emphasised and you see hints of red everywhere.

Flat White + Mocha

We started out with a cup of coffee. I ordered my usual cup of Flat White while my beau gets Mocha. Coffee is on the exceptional side as Tanamera has always been one of my all time favourite coffee brewers.

Croissant, 55 000RP + Espresso

For every mains that was served, we were also served with a side of coffee that pairs best with the food that we were having. For this particular dish, since there were certain sweet nodes coming from the egg and croissant, a very dark blend of espresso was served. As much coffee as I have drank in this life, I still cannot go beyond long black, hence I only tried a sip of the espresso. However, if you like espresso, I am guessing that you will love this pairing combined. The egg was done perfectly and underneath it lies grilled bacon. This is my favourite dish of the day because it incorporates croissant (one of my staple carb essential Ha!), eggs and bacon which were concoctions of sweet and savoury combined.

Fried Egg Benedict, 75 000RP + Long Black

The second dish served was a fried 63 degree egg served on top of sliced ham and thin sliced English muffin. The egg was done perfect that it bursts out beautifully when we did a simple poking. The spicy hollandaise sauce was also a nice addition, but don’t worry its not very spicy at all. The Long Black on the other hand caters to the ever so slightly sweet meal and I enjoyed having them both together.

Pork Ribs, 135 000RP

Next item was the real deal, the Pork Ribs were one of the favourites of many customers. Unlike how it is usually done, this particular one was braised in sweet dark sauce. It might be a little overwhelming to have such strong flavour in itself so it is served with a plate of white rice. It was super tender and overall pretty immaculate.

Daily Brew

To pair the intense flavour of the ribs, we were served with a v60 manual brew with a light hearted finish. It had hints of sweet honey zest and sweet smelling aroma.

Lost In The Forest (French Toast), 90 000RP + Cappuccino

To end of the meal, we had French toast served with raspberry curd, strawberry meringue, chocolate soil and vanilla gelato. We thought that the brioche they used was fluffy and simply marvellous. If there is one critique it would be that the crumbs tasted a little funky though I can’t quite pin point what was the exact component of it I dislike. But overall the crumb was necessary to give it a crunchy factor, I just wished it was a different type of crumb soil.

By then we were stuffed and just when we thought the eating was over, we were served with another dish, this time courtesy of Milkbar where they served us ice-cream waffles. The waffles were not too crunchy nor too soft, it was done just right. The pocky bits were my favourite part and I thing they nailed a simple pocky and enhanced it impeccably by adding nut bits. The ice cream were slightly a bit of a miss for me given the other options of flavours that were there on set. I think having the waffles with other specific robust flavour would have been more our cup of tea. Nonetheless, this flavour – the rainbow flavour, was said that it was one of the favourites among kids customers.

If I were to pick several different scoops from the gelato station, I have my eyes on these flavours: Manis Royal; Earl Grey; Sea Salt; Pistachio; Kinder Bueno. If you prefer more acidic flavors, there are also several sorbet options for you to choose from.

Since my beau isn’t too big of a fan of coffee as I am, I ended up drinking six cups (not entirely but enough) and believe me or not, I still managed to sleep soundly at night. Anyhoo, Tanamera Roastery at Pantai Indah Kapuk is probably going to be one of my go to places in Pantai Indah Kapuk because I can be assured with the coffee quality. Plus, it is a great place to hang, read a book in a quiet corner, or perhaps the perfect place for freelancers to work, a laptop is all they need.


Tanamera Coffee Roastery

Jl. Pantai Indah Utara 2

Commercial Gallery 8, Block EK & EL,

Pantai Indah Kapuk , Jakarta

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