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EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at Shabu Shabu House courtesy of Zomato & Shabu Shabu House


I love Shabu Shabu and I find them to be the best types of meal to have especially when days are cold. There’s two Shabu Shabu House outlets in Jakarta – one in Senayan City, and the other at Plaza Indonesia. We went to the Senayan City outlet, located in the Lower Ground where the famous Koi Pond is.

Yasai Set, 45 000RP

We picked the vegetables set to get a taste of everything instead of having to order them individually in bigger portions. Some of the vegetables have holes in them, but forgivable because it was washed rather clean.

Chicken Ball, 19 000RP + Chikuwa, 19 000RP + Ramen, 15 000RP + Crab Ball, 19 000RP

Since it was just the two of us, we did not dare order too much. We had these options which we enjoyed. I loved the chicken balls as it was packed with mixed chicken meat with really savoury spices. As for the crab balls, when cooked they were really soft and fluffy. We also added extra Udon (15 000RP) afterwards because we got greedy and a single portion of ramen wasn’t enough.

Special Beef, 68 000RP

We ordered two plates of these as we felt that one plate was just about sufficient for one pax. There are four beef options aside of the Special Beef and they are: the Regular Beef (48 000RP), US rib eye (108 000RP), and the Wagyu (128 000RP).

We were pleased to know that there are various soup bases such as Tom Yum, Sukiyaki, Miso, Spicy Miso, Kimchi, Collagen soup bases all at (42 000RP), or you may just stick to the Original which includes no additional cost. We tried the original because the lady mentioned that it goes best with beef. The soup bases are meant for different meat choices depending on your preference. Say you get a Tom Yum soup base, I think that would’ve paired well if you order mostly seafood. The waitress poured over soup seasoning to the hot water to give it taste. The soup flavour was mild and so we added pepper, spring onions, soy sauce and garlic to add an extra punch of savouriness.

We were also given peanut and ponzu sauce. These sauces were exemplary as they had to be. We dipped almost every element with the peanut sauce because we can’t help it. We even had to order seconds.

Each slice of beef needs no more than 10 seconds to cook, and dipping them in the boiled pot gives the broth more flavour and provides more tantalizing aroma than previously before. The special beef was precious. It was easy to bite and not chewy at all.

Dori Fillet, 19 000RP

The Dori Fillet wasn’t as fresh as it might have been kept frozen for too long. However, once cooked and dipped to the ponzu sauce, you can’t taste the fishiness and we still finished them anyway.

The staffs were kind enough to give out jellos even though we did not order it.

Japanese Soft Roll Cake, 45 000RP

We ended off our meal with something sweet. It was a lovely Japanese Soft Roll Cake with three different flavours; strawberry, mango or matcha. We picked strawberry and thought it was just lovely. If you love sponge cake with cream, you’ll love this. Trust me it tastes better than it looks. The price for this cake is currently 35 000RP, 10 000RP off from its original price.

Overall, Shabu Shabu House is a great place to have Shabu Shabu if you do not wan’t to splash a bang on your bucks. This meal would be the perfect comfort food to have especially on a cold rainy day.

On another note, if you want something more luxurious, you can also check out Shabu Shabu Gen which I have recently been to.


Shabu Shabu House

Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan

LG Senayan City, Jakarta


Tel: 021 2970 4981 ext: 978

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