Asiatale – A New Chinese Restaurant In Senopati


You don’t often find a proper Chinese restaurant along Senopati area, and there is where Asiatale fills in the gap. Asiatale is a new Chinese restaurant serving home-style Chinese dishes as well as an array of Dim Sum varieties, which are served even at night.

There are two floors, on the first floor is a non-smoking corner and on the second the contrary. The place uses a lot of red for decor and all things else have all kinds of knick and knacks that represents the tales of China. Antique vases, lanterns, Chinese wine bottles, painting of the emperors, all other ceramics and crockery it are just some great examples. The place is also dimly lit to portray a more comfortable and intimate ambiance.

We love the lanterns in the middle of the restaurant as it acts as the focal point and everyone’s attention would be on it when they first enter the restaurant.

Uncle Tiong’s Seafood Cakwe, 45 000RP

The cakwe itself was wonderfully seasoned and I love how subtly crunchy it was giving off a concoction of sweet and sour nodes all at once.

Salted Egg Yolk Sesame Ball, 26 000RP

Oh yes it melts! I apologise I have totally forgotten to take a photo of the flowy custard porn, but yes, that warm, delicious, oh-so-yellow custard was dripping out it was almost impossible to not leak it out if you don’t have it in one singular bite. Did I mention salted egg custard? Not just a regular sweet custard. Hmmm!!!

Tiger Prawn Golden Egg Yolk, 125 000RP

By now you should be able to tell how much of a ‘salted egg’ fanatics we all are. These prawns were cooked in buttery egg sauce and it tastes best with the fried rice we were having!

Five Spice Binjai Chicken, 116 000RP

We were recommended with the Five Spice Binjai Chicken by the waiter but we weren’t big fans of it. My kind of chicken needs to big, chunky, juicy and tender ones – not the ‘barely there is it just skin or is there meat?’, or ‘overcooked till its natural juices run out’ type of chickens. Honestly, not a fan.

Asiatale Fried Rice + Asiatale Hor Fun (Beef)

I love a good Chinese fried rice and we couldn’t resist the hor fun either. These were simple but very well executed dish.

Baked Chicken Bun Cha Siu Bao, 24 000RP

Cha Siu Bao has got to be one of my favourite, if not, my favourite dim sum items out there. However, a pity this one wasn’t crispy enough, and there wasn’t too much meats inside. The flavour was almost right, but the barbeque chicken filling was insufficient or almost non-existent.

Do you get the relation between the Thailand picture frame to the restaurant? Because I don’t, really..?

Asiatale offers decent quality Chinese dishes. I would say that this place is not at all atrocious, but it is not extraordinary in any way either. But who knows, some might just say otherwise.


Jl. Suryo No. 15

Senopati, Jakarta


Tel: 021 2970 4981

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