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As I was approaching adulthood, my skin has gone through cycles of good and bad times. Growing up I really had soft, smooth and supple skin, until puberty hits. Acnes were my worst nightmare and I not only have a few of them, I had tons. I was 13-14 then. Not just the T-zone areas, but the acnes spread through even on the cheeks and chin. That was also when I learnt that I had combination skin, and my face was like an oil drilling machine. I won’t go into anymore details here but to cut the story short, I had it much better at 17-18 when, my guess, is that my hormones tamed down albeit ever since then. And I can’t stress on how IMPORTANT it is to practice good skincare routines: 1. Always wash your make up before you sleep, no matter how tired you are when you come back from a long day 2. Exfoliate, often! If you keep these two things in mind and do them religiously, you’re halfway there.

To be able to maintain smooth and fair skin has been really important to me and before trying out BSKIN, I have tried various skincare product ranges but I have been sticking by the whole range of Kiehl’s products for more than 5 years now. If it works, why change it right? Or was I too lazy to explore other options that might or might not work? I think both. Just to address is out there, to many of you who ask what whitening cream I use? I don’t, I just avoid the sun really. And yes, I am that annoying Asian who takes shade everywhere.

As much as I love Kiehl’s, I do still have problem areas that they have yet helped. This includes enlarged pores and dullness. Then one day I was approached by BSKIN SINGAPORE to sample out a new line of their products before its official media launch. I couldn’t say no after browsing their website and looking at their product lines. Since I was in the search of products that will bring out that inner glow, I had to try it. I sampled out these products for about a month and have been using them religiously before drafting this post.

BSkin’s producst have all been formulated in South Korea by a team of researchers and they are free of paragons and harsh chemicals. This line of products is called the BSKIN VITA ADVANCED range, and it is a 5 step programme to rejuvenate tired, dull and sagging skin:






As we continue to age, our skin elasticity weakens due to internal and external aggressors whether it is through genetics, food that you eat, UV rays, pollution, exercise, and other lifestyle choices. BSKIN’s VITA ADVANCED line aims to revive our skin condition by hydrating and treating your face with these elements:

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In simple terms, BSKIN VITA ADVANCED‘s have the following advantages to your needs:

Image by: https://sg.bskin.com


The first step is to cleanse your face after wiping off all of your make up. I love the smell of Vitamin C and it just makes washing my face that much more enjoyable, as much of a chore it is. You do not have to wash your face and purchase a separate scrub cleanser as there are microcrystalline cellulose beads that acts as an exfoliator that is gentle enough to be used daily. I paired the cleansing process with the use of my trusty Clarisonic Smart Profile device. This device is a great tool as it claims to exfoliate 11 times better than exfoliating by hand. With this combo, dead skin bumps and blackheads are instantly removed and my skin feels more refreshed, clean and smooth right away. Bye bye clogged pores!

After dabbing dry my cleansed face, I use the Natural Balance Essence which is a lightweight and alcohol-free product which immediately restores the skin’s natural PH value. I find that this essence absorbs very quickly, and it also primes the face to better absorb the next steps of your skincare products, whatever they may be.

The third step involves a Vitamin C serum infused with strong concentration of L-Ascorbic acid which helps to boost collagen production and stimulate cell repair. The resulting effect is that it stimulates antioxidant protection and efficaciously reinvigorates dull and sagging skin. Although Vitamin C is one of the vital element within the products to help rejuvenate the skin and help to tighten pores, I have not seen changes in regards to my pore size (sadly, foundation is my only temporary cure at the moment). I do not have to start my make up off with an oily canvas even after putting this oil based serum as it absorbs to the skin pretty quickly. Just give a few minutes for your skincare products to rest on your face before applying make up.

Active Day Cream feels like a daily moisturiser and you can feel your skin being instantly hydrated and feel more supple. This day cream also has shielding properties to block UV exposure and other environmental stresses such as pollution. It is also a light and non-oily formulae that is perfect for my type of skin (combination), so that pores can breathe and not be easily clogged.

Finally, you need a good healing night cream while you sleep. This cream accelerate the skin’s regenerative process which is also hydrating to your skin.

For day time, I use Step 1, 2, 3 & 4

For night time, I use Step 1, 2, 3 & 5

The main ingredient in BSKIN’s line is Vitamin C which has many key benefits. Vitamin C not only regenerates collagen and improve with elasticity of the skin, the resulting effect is reducing the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin mainly caused by aforementioned internal and external factors. Vitamin C also lightens pigmentation and brightens the overall skin tone, a problem we wish we will not have as we age, inevitable but preventable.

In the above picture, I have on a light foundation and basic eye make up. With good skin canvas, my make up is able to be absorbed better and not have that cakey or dull look. Previously, my face was dull and the only glow I had was probably just oil shine. Religiously using BSKIN for the past month has seriously really helped me out with problem of dullness.

Thank you BSKIN once again!




EveLovelle had the courtesy to review the BSKIN Vita Line sponsored by BSKIN

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