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Sainé Daise is located right on top of a Japanese/French Cheesecake Bakery called EIŌ Patisserie. We were enchanted with the play of interior, so modern, artsy, elegant, dainty, sophisticated and fun! Basically all my favourite adjectives to describe a place in a sentence. We especially love the use of marbles on the back wall of the bar, bar area, tables and stools. The restaurant is a Japanese fusion restaurant and it is located at Pantai Indah Kapuk.

Gyudon, 115 000RP

Add uni (75 000RP) or foie gras (95 000RP) if you’d like. The Gyudon is a competition against its neighbouring shop who has it, Sushi Sen, not far away from here. In terms of this dish in particular, Sushi Sen was a definite winner for us. The meat here was a little overcooked and the sauce did not really complement the rice. Sushi Sen’s Gyudon on the other hand was flawless and the general quality can be easily justified by the restaurant’s ranking. And you know what, Sushi Sen’s Gyudon is about 2/3 the price of Saine Daise’s!

Fresh Blue Swimmer Crab With House Made Black Ink Pasta, 150 000RP

Presentation for the pasta was drop dead gorgeous. Taste was not too bad although my sister claims that the rockets were too bitter for her liking. I did not get to try this dish as if you haven’t known it yet, I do not take squid ink.

Pancetta Yakimeshi, 85 000RP

Portion wise it was massive. This dish in fact can be shared amongst two or three persons. The flavour of the yakimeshi was spot on and I especially love the pancetta bits that I get to experience every bite I take. I do recommend buying another form of mains to enjoy the yakimeshi with.

This is place is that type of place where it is all about the beauty of the interior and the art of the plating. Food wise they could definitely make further improvements if they want to sustain in this competitive market, or I am afraid they’ll easily fall back to the list of ‘gone once never coming back’ type of place.


Sainé Daise Bistro

Jl. Mandara Permai VII

Ruko The Metro, Blok 6 KA

Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta


Tel: 021 3005 1662

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