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EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at Shabu Shabu Gen

I recently had an amazing luncheon session at the Plaza Thamrin which was said to be the best shabu shabu place in town. And the verdict? I am all in and a 100% sold to this restaurant. The place is located on the 46th floor featuring a whole outlook of the city’s skyline. Its quite a marvelous sight and a moment of supreme, especially so whilst feasting on a range of beautifully marbled premium beefs.

Salad + Chawanmushi + Sesame Dressing + Yuzu Dressing + Ponzu dressing

I usually defer from ordering salad in Indonesia because I do not trust the quality of the greens, either that or they would drench the salad with too much dressing. On the contrary, this one was exceptional in its freshness and flavour. I absolutely enjoyed the subtle dressing and I finished mine with much content. The Chawanmushi has its quality leveled up with a juicy fresh prawn cooked on top of it. It also had chicken chunks and mushrooms in it.

As for the dressing options, sesame has always been my favourite, and in this case I find myself keep alternating between the sesame and ponzu. Those two were the ones most suited to my liking when pairing with the beef.

These beef cuts were available for display. Look at those gorgeous marbling! What a beauty!

These beefs were imported straight from Japan and so rest assured because quality is insured.

A4 Kagoshima Sirloin + A4 Kagoshima Ribeye + A5 Kagoshima Sirloin + A5 Kagoshima Ribeye + A5 Hida Sirloin + A5 Hida Ribeye

Can you see the difference in the intensity of marbling between the A4 and the A5? As great as it is the A5 which melts in your mouth like butter, some people actually prefer the A4 because of the meatier texture. But for me, the higher the grade, the more sinful I’d say.

A5 Hida Sirloin + A5 Hida Ribeye

Hida beef is a first-class Japanese beef brand that rivals Kobe or Matsuzaka beef. Like Kobe and Matsuzaka, Hida Beef has been recognized as one of the leading wagyu brands in Japan. The meat is tender and has a full-bodied flavour. The intense yet well balanced fat marbling throughout the beef muscle fibres makes that melt-in-your-mouth sensation a dream come true. I didn’t dare to dip it too much sauce because I wanted to taste its true flavour. This quality of beef surfacing from where it originated cannot be undermined, and its simply one of the finest beef experiences I have ever had in Indonesia.

I dipped it for no more than ten seconds for each of the slices and it came out perfect. Ahh beef.. my favourite protein!


We started cooking the vegetables after savouring on the beef for some odd reason. Don’t the vegetables all look absolutely sturdy and not at all flimsy? Even looking at it makes me happy.

The leftover broth already infused from all that beef fats we dipped in created a very nice aroma and enhances the flavour of it. Hmm.. yummy.


Premium Japanese Ramen

We also had ramen directly imported from Japan. Thanks to the servers who cooked them for us, it was cooked al dente just the way I like it.

If you would like to taste what I have tasted, opt for the ‘Shabu Shabu Gen Premium Japanese Beef Tasting Menu’ and you’ll have a taste of each slice of the six beefs that was mentioned above. It also includes the salad, chawanmushi, vegetables and dessert all for IDR 1 850 000.


The dessert plate was carefully thought out and executed impeccably. It includes yuzu jelly, azuki, peanut mochi and one of a kind ice cream flavour. The ice cream was made out of apple, cinnamon and cherry. I mean.. who would’ve thought right? Down right genius.

The facade has installations that exude traditional yet modern Japanese interior design aesthetics where simplicity is emphasised. Elements such as wood and stone bricks were the natural essences found in Shabu Shabu Gen’s minimalist architecture and design.

Shoutout to Astrid Suryatenggara who is part of Shabu Shabu Gen’s PR & Marketing group, and I’ve just got to say she is such a beautiful mommy (kid’s 13!) #mommygoals. It was fun hanging out with the rest of the foodie team, always great to meet familiar and new faces.

And I couldn’t resist an ootd shot. The tall ceiling really elevates the ambiance, so classy!

If you are looking for a more affordable option, you can try out their business set lunch package at only IDR 450 000 ++ per pax. It features 150g of USA beef, rice, salad, chawanmushi, vegetables, their great sauces and dessert. Thank you Shabu Shabu Gen for the wonderful hospitality and great service you have provided. I truly recommend this restaurant for their premium beef selection. If you are a true beef lover, Shabu Shabu Gen should be on your list.

Shabu Shabu Gen

Jl. MH Thamrin

The Plaza, Lantai 46

Thamrin, Jakarta
Tel: 021 2992 2246

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