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EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at Akira Back Indonesia

Akira Back is located in the heart of central Jakarta at MD Place. The restaurant merges flavours of Japanese and various other cuisines in an elevated demeanour. It has a public space, VIP private rooms, bar and lounge area that offers a myriad of alcoholic beverages from wine, sake, whiskey, cocktails and what not. The setting installs a modern yet earthy design involving wooden aesthetics, incorporated in many ways and with different colour hues. In the public space and bar, you get a panoramic view of the city. The restaurant is spacious, allowing up to 180 seats to be occupied at once.

We settled in one of the private rooms which was perfect for business gatherings, huge families or any birthday events.

Salmon Aburi, 120 000RP

We started our first course with Salmon Aburi slices half-submerged with a mix of garlic sesame oil and yuzu soy. The salmon was topped with radish sprouts and sesame seeds. It gave off a citrusy yet still savoury flavour due to the mix of yuzu and garlic. Always love salmon sashimi with a twist.

Hirame Carpaccio, 175 000RP

The hirame sashimi was smooth and creamy. Its clean taste was really appealing and a little dip of the Nanbazu sauce gave it a nice sting of citrusy flavour.

Tuna Pizza, 235 000RP

The Tuna Pizza is perhaps one of Akira Back’s signature dishes. The chef would skilfully cut a thin layer of tuna and place it on top of a biscuit-like base. In between the two elements is a layer of delicious ponzu mayonnaise. The dish was topped with shiso and truffle oil. The outcome my friends.. was heaven in the mouth.

Horenso Shira AE, 85 000 RP

This dish can be considered as a salad dish. It was constructed uniquely and beautifully having baby spinach compressed to stand like stems that grow out from the ground. Although you can have the spinach stem in one mouthful, I prefer deconstructing them and coating them in the pool of sesame sauce. Boy, that was such a delight!

Popcorn Shrimp, 180 000RP

The shrimp meat was juicy with a nice layer of subtle crust of crumbs. The coating used was sriracha ranch, which tasted oh-so-sinful. We also got a few nibs of beef bacon strips just because.

Una – Q, 170 000 RP

Think this dish as unagi tacos served with seared foie gras, truffled powder and balsamic teriyaki.

This is the bar and lounge area which has high tables and stools and lower table seatings on the other corner facing the windows. By night time this place would be dimly lit and would very well fit the occasion. After a day of work, having a glass of your preferred alcoholic drink looking out to the city would seem like such a good idea.

AB Tacos, 185 000RP

The Tacos carries wagyu kalbi with spicy tomato ponzu. It tasted a little spicy and very well seasoned. The fact is I think that this is one of the best dishes of the day.

Crispy Rice, 120 000RP

Another good sharing starter would be this mildly seared tuna which you could have it slightly cooked or even more under. Underneath it were crispy rice cakes, a perfect pairing for the tuna. Each individual portion was topped with Japanese seaweed and we get to either dip them in the spicy ponzu aioli sauce or pour it like the above. This is another great and unique dish if you are looking to try out something different.

Perfect Storm, 165 000RP

I love sashimi and shrimp tempura combination. Chipotle mayonnaise was used which gave off a nice zingy and tangy flavour. We all loved it and it was gone in an instant.

Oxtail Steamed Buns, 155 000RP

Like a mini hamburger, oxtail patty was fried and placed on top of steamed buns. The steamed buns absorbs some of the oxtail’s oil and juices making a tad bit more delicious than it already is. The dish was rather spicy because of the sauce used to coat the zucchini slices. You can even make your own version of these as it is a great canapé option or idea that you can consider making at home too. Well you know, for parties!

Brother From Another Mother, 195 000RP

Another unagi dish that looks especially splendid. Both the insides of the sushi and the top of it contains unagi. The ones within was grilled lightly and the top perfectly battered and fried. But above all that are chunks of foie gras guaranteed to get you drooling. What was concluded was also that the sauce complements the sushi very well. Since I cannot take Unagi, I did not get a chance to try this one as well as the previous unagi dish. However, since everyone else enjoyed this dish so much I can only take their words for it.

Porterhouse, 690 000RP

Always request porterhouse to at least a medium or earlier in doneness for maximum satisfaction. The meat appears dark in colour not because it was overcooked, but it was coffee rubbed. The coffee crusts can mildly be tasted but that was the aim of it, its subtlety. This dish is weighed at 600 grams and served with corn and Korean black garlic bordelaise.

48 Hours Wagyu Short Ribs, 450 000RP

The short ribs has meat and fat content that melts in your mouth like butter. It was cooked evenly throughout and the meat was extremely tender.  You also get a quail egg on the side – oh what a surprise!

Jidori Chicken, 210 000RP

I thoroughly enjoyed the chicken. In itself its meat was soft and juicy and I am guessing that we get the thigh portion of the chicken. The best part was mixing various things all at once and putting them in the mouth. Teriyaki sauce with silky smooth mashed potato puree sprayed with truffle oil and truffle shavings was indeed a beautiful concoction of elements. This was one heck of a dish carefully well thought out and it was also one of my favourite dish of the day.

Yuzu Granita

We ended off our meal with something light and citrusy just so to clean our palate right. The granita was sourish and I squint every time I take a scoop of it like a baby would when they try lemon for the first time. However, for some reason I keep going for another spoon and another. The highlight of the dish was the foam as it tasted sweet like the taste of sweet milk. The milk foam was as light as air and pairs great with the granita.

Here’s a picture of Chef Andri Dionysius of Akira Back, and also Chef Revo from Junior Masterchef with myself. Can you believe Chef Revo is only 13?! Such a young prodigy.

Anyway, Thank you the Akira Back team and Chef Andri for prepping up all the delicious items for us and I truly find no fault in any of the dishes.

Akira Back is now having a Business Lunch Package at only 180 000RP which entitles you to a delicious 3 course meals. Check out their Instagram package @akirabackjakarta for more information.

Everyone of us on the table agreed how marvellously scrumptious every single plate of food was. This place is exceptional and I would be back soon for sure.


Akira Back

Jl. Setiabudi Selatan No. 7

Setiabudi, Jakarta


Tel: 021 2904 0777

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