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EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at Cacique Resto & Lounge

Curious as I was to know and according to the dictionary, Cacique is indicated as a Native American chief or boss in a Spanish-speaking region. The place exudes a vibe where by night, chiefs would grab a bottle of beer or sangria with an old dusty cigarette in hand. Well, if you would take that title off them, the modern locals would fit right in. Cacique is set up by three owners and they chose the Pluit region to set the restaurant because there wasn’t one yet. The owners were dedicated and passionate about Spanish flavours and were very much influenced by the South American heritage, and through that, Cacique Resto & Lounge was born.

Many South American countries are known to wildly use splashes of colour as it brings vibrancy to every aspect of life, especially seen in clothes and festivals. Same thought was adopted here whereby tangerine sofas and cushions were used.

Patatas Bravas, 28 000RP

Patatas Bravas is a common type of tapas that is often served in bars or parties. A half boiled egg was placed on top of the potato cubes. The sauce used was spicy mustard aioli. I love the flavour of spice from the powdered paprika and without it, it would have tasted different and not as good. Though the third picture appears gnarly, taste wise it was on point. It definitely tasted so, SO much better than it looked.

Fajitas De Pollo, 68 000RP

This dish is a type of dish where I could eat everyday and never get bored of. I love a good grilled chicken that is marinated well. The chicken was stuffed with seasonal paprikas which were baked into a terrific moist consistency and it was absolutely delicious. And come on, who doesn’t love a good salsa and guacamole? The only flaw? I wished there were much more guacamole because as some of you might have already known, I have an obsession with avocados.

Costillas De Cerdo En BBQ, 55 000RP

These braised pork rib cuts were slow cooked for very long hours which gave it that soft and easy to bite texture. The mashed potato served was as smooth as butter and it was a good complimentary element of the ribs.

Paella De Mariscos 150 000RP (serves 2) / 260 000RP (serves 4)

Paella typically takes 20 to 30 minutes to bake and this was served last during our meal. This portion was for two and the seafood included on the hot pot were shrimps, clams and soft shell crab. The rice was less yellow as expected because saffron wasn’t present. The chef mentioned that the saffron has to be imported and it has yet to arrive. A pity because it would have tasted a lot better with it. Nonetheless, this dish has sofrito which made the outcome rather aromatic and more alluring.

Cacique has only been opened for about a week now and we were fortunate to be able to attend on the restaurant’s soft opening date a few days ago. I’d say that Cacique Resto & Lounge is a comfortable place to be at and they are an affordable Spanish food option. For those living in the North, now its time for you to explore Jalan Pluit Murni, a hidden gem awaits. For those who isn’t able to find the restaurant on maps or Google Maps, just type Bakmi Alay 38 on it and you’ll find it.

Cacique Resto & Lounge

Jl. Pluit Murni 6 No. 1A

Pluit, Jakarta


Tel: 021 608 0853

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