Vest Vortex

Photo 10-7-16, 3 58 53 PM

When subtle winds gyred around me as I walk, I love the very fact that my vest comes alive. It swirls backwards creating an effortless tail of wonder. Nobody cares I assume, but it felt good when moments as such arises. Plus it is easy to spice up and elevate an old look that is deemed boring.  What a roaring ‘surprise’ to reveal that I am most comfortable in wearing menswear inspired outfits. They are usually fitted but shares loose enough space for expansion for a foodie like me to fall back on. I always gravitate towards appearing casual and try to achieve the less-formal look, there’s something about the imperfection about being undone thats attractive. Usually its just an excuse to have messy hair and non-heeled flats or sneakers because I live by them 😛 Ah! Secrets out.

What about you? What are you wearing this weekend?

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