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Its not that easy to look out for Thai restaurants in Batam but this one you probably might already know. Jumbo Thai Kitchen is still quite a recent establishment serving good quality Thai food varieties. We asked the waitress to recommend the dishes and this is what she came up with..

Thai Iced Tea

Of course we couldn’t resist ordering a cup of Thai Iced Tea. This is definitely a mandatory staple if you go in to a Thai Restaurant isn’t it?

Pineapple Rice, 62 000RP

We shared the rice among three and ordered another bowl of white rice because we thought it wasn’t enough. It was sufficient for three in my opinion, but then I realised since locals do eat more rice, it might not be enough after all. The rice was one of the best things here. The yellow colour was dark, indicating that it absorbed much of the pineapple and various other spices added into the mix. The flavour of the rice was tasteful and it was definitely full of fragrance. The rice being served on the pineapple fruits also made it all the more appealing at first sight.

Crispy Fish Skin, 45 000RP + Braised Chicken With Dry Curry, 50 000RP + HK Kailan + Grouper With Spicy Lemon Sauce

Don’t forget to try out the Crispy Fish Salmon Skin cooked in salted egg. Its like bingeing on chips, but way better. We also appreciate the curry filled with robust flavours, and tender chicken thigh meats. The Kailan that we ordered was interesting as it was cooked in two different ways. The leaf portions were scraped and fried, giving off a crunchy texture. The fish in itself was good but there was unfortunately too much chilli on it. Don’t get me wrong, I love chilis, but this one was way too much to handle. But then again, maybe we were just unlucky.

I do feel that aside of the fish, the rest of what we ordered was quite a worthwhile items to try out. I spot many Singaporeans here and not just the locals. I guess this place is quite a favourite amongst our neighbour, Singapore. Nonetheless, this place would be one that I would probably return to now and then.


Jumbo Thai Kitchen

Harbour Bay, Sungai Jodoh

Batu Ampar, Batam

Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia



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