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EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at Buns & Meat ID

If the healthy movement is not your cup of tea, join the carnivores and omnivores at Buns & Meat. Buns & Meat is a new player on the street located somewhere along Ruko Crown Golf at the heart of Pantai Indah Kapuk. Like the most of us, Buns & Meat appreciate the revolution of burgers. Back in the days when stone-men used twigs and started kindling fires, cooking meats began to be part of the daily living necessity. Fascinated at how hundreds of thousands of years later, burgers become seemingly ubiquitous, becoming the easy lunch or dinner options for the many of us, regardless the fast food or gourmet options. Now we have so many burger varieties from different meats to vegan or dessert burger options, the choices are endless.

Apologies with the blabbering as I was in deep thought after looking at the wall on the revolution of mankind. Easing in to the topic of the design arena, Buns & Meat had it quite simply with nothing too major, just casual vibes it exudes. Modern timber was used, with sofa chairs in uncoloured stripes that impressions a modern fast-food parlour.

This restaurant celebrates pork like no other. Its specialty are ribs, pork patties in burgers and pork slices. Of course they have other usual things on the menu like pastas, pizzas and rice, but burgers and porks are their thang!

Char Siew And Roasted Pork Combination, 65 000RP

This was perhaps, the best char siew I ever had. It was perfectly made, non-pretentious or the tough-meat kinds. Rather, it was tender, with soft meaty parts. I tend to avoid pork with gooey fats, but this one was a tad bit firmer which makes it pleasant to eat. The sauce was also tasteful in that it was sweet and sticky which really enhanced the caramelised char siew skin. The single first bite really made my day.

Green Juice + Orange Mocha

These two drinks were thirst quenching refreshers. My favourite was the Orange Mocha as I have never tasted anything like it. Mocha as expected would taste good, but adding orange juice to it really brought things up to another level. The green juice mix was also nice, with mixes of green bits here and there. It is something that I would order it if I need to detox.

Blue Lagoon

This beautiful blue ombre drink is the drink to order especially if you like soft drinks. A great one for those warmer days in need to rejuvenate.

The Runny Mess, 79 000RP

Literally a runny mess. I hardly eat burgers with poached eggs, but this was perhaps my first encounter. The Runny Mess burger was made up of a thick juicy pork patty, with bacon slice and a poached egg. It was a mess eating it, but boy.. a glorious mess it actually was. The pork was really great as it was cooked for not too long before all the juices run out, and that is simply our kind of patties. Yumm!

The Messy Crab Burger, 85 000RP

This is another messy burger option. If you prefer something crispy as oppose to thick and juicy patties, this one is meant for you. We adored the sauce that accompanies the soft shell crab and poached egg, its mildly spicy and sweet, just enough acidity to make the whole ensemble great.

Spaghetti Cabe Ijo With Chicken, 59 000RP

If you’re wondering, this is how localization looks like. Aglio alio in spaghetti with green chili, a tad bit spicy meant for the true blue locals. I am guessing that its either you will like it or you would find it weird. See.. my dining companion liked it but even though the flavours were not bad, I find it a tad bit confusing to merge local flavours with a dish such as pasta.

Waffles, 50 000RP

We ended off the meal with waffles because why not right? I’ve fallen to the sinful side so might as well go all the way. Unlike many soggy waffles, this one was really crispy, and the chocolate sauce was that one thing that keeps me longing for another bite again and again. The berries also gave a refreshing yet sweet touch to the dish. We really enjoyed this one. Buns & Meat has variation of waffles and you can pick whatever that suits your liking.

Thank you Buns & Meat for the pleasant meal. Prices wise they are very reasonable as compared to many other burger places. Even if you are lazy to drop by, Gojek is always the answer. We’d recommend this place if you are looking for something new around the PIK area.


Buns & Meat

Jl.Pantai Indah Kapuk

Ruko Crown Golf, Blok D No 28

Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta


Tel: 0812 12737852

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