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EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at The Playroom 


The Playroom is literally the place to play. They have billiard tables, dart machines, shisha tools, and lounge corners. Coming in here you’re sure in for a good time. Owner Andre invited us to sample out The Playroom’s new menu launch as well as take part in the Darts competition.

We ordered a selection of Mocktails and iced teas.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.33.54 AM

Holy Mother of Milkshakes!

Wings Basket Dabu

For a start, we dug on simple nibbles such as these fried chicken drums and wings which was battered perfectly, served in a refreshing spicy dabu dabu sauce.


Soft Shell Crab Bao

Next up is one of my favourites, Soft Shell Crab served in a mantau with special sauce. The meat was cooked on point’o. I get a little icky when soft shell crab meats were plasticky, but this one wasn’t. My weakness towards fried buns also made this dish that much better.


Pizza Al Metro

1 metre, four flavours! If you are here with a crowd, this is the perfect item to order. It is sure to please! The crusts were really thin and so it did not feel too sinful. Undeniably, it was great as a starter dish for sharing amongst 3 to 4 or even more people. The flavours on top were margherita, cream funghi, pepperoni, and quattro formaggio


Gyu Tan Don

The Gyu Tan Don wasn’t extraordinary, it was just decent.


Chicken Teriyaki

There was also another Japanese don option, the Chicken Teriyaki. They used the softer leg portion of the chicken to make this dish. The Onsen tamago yolk really helped out in acting as a sauce for the rice bowl.


Chicken Balinese

If you like spicy, have this because they are generous with the chili. The dish had a nice fragrance to it, all that I needed left was simply more sambal to tie the chicken and rice together. ‘Waiter! Sambal ABC please!”


Crispy Pork Belly

Deep fried pork belly on rice with special sweet sauce, served with a sunny side up on top.


Nasi Goreng Tom Yam Seafood

This dish is another of my favourites. The tom yam seasoning was robust and it bursts of Thai flavours in the mouth. It also had prawn, squid, and fish slices even though its unseen from the picture. Tom Yam Fried Rice.. its just genius!



Indomie Burrito

I didn’t get to try this one but essentially, it was Indomie Goreng wrapped inside a burrito. They have smoked beef inside the wrap, and simple condiments such as spring onions and chilli too.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.34.31 AM

Baked Choco Marshmallow

They also created a dessert sharing option, the Baked Choco Marshmallow. If you love melting your marshmallow on a stick by the fireplace, or if you like to light up the stove and heat your marshmallows to make smores like I do, you should love this dish. Underneath that bed of marshmallows were some crunch, melted chocolate and ice cream all in one. Yummm.


This is the billiard corner where my partner and I got to play after the darts competition ended. Darts was so much fun even though we did not win. You can also take note of @theplayroomjkt ‘s Instagram page, as they do updates on competition dates, and new upcoming menus. The next Darts tournament will occur on Sunday at 8 May 2016. The competition is open for all and you can stand a chance to win up to IDR 2 000 000.IMG_1365



The Playroom

Jl. Marina Indah Raya

Ruko Cordoba, Blok F No. 3, Bukit Golf Mediterania

Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

Tel: 021 2970 4981

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