The Original Melbourne Menya Gyutan Don At Negiya Donburi


EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at Negiya Donburi 

When in Melbourne, you have to try the local’s staple they said. Menya’s Gyu Tan Don has been recommended by so many of my friends back when I was in Melbourne. Everyone was crazy about it my friends have them at least once a week. Negiya Donburi brings back that hype back to Jakarta. Negiya’s version is probably the closest one comparable to Menya. The other restaurants who have tried to do it? Not so great.

So I know I would sound like a hypocrite for saying this and still trying to write this review. Be mindful that whatever I said here was all based on hearsay because personally I have never tried Gyu Tan Don Before. Why? Um.. Tongue is simply quite repulsive for me to eat, but I do not mind those who do! I have to rely in trust of opinions of those around me that have tried this dish themselves.


Gyu Tan Don, 90 000RP + Extra Egg, 10 000RP

Cow got your tongue? Okay, so my dining partner said, the gyu tan taste just like beef yakiniku, but has a slight different texture to it. The meat melts in the mouth almost like butter, but it still remains tender and at the same time chewy. Also request for extra sauce because the sauce would barely be enough for the meat. The egg was rather runny so it helps tie the rice and meat together. If you have never tried this before, well, you are supposed to. But if you’re hard headed like me, I support you as well.


Menya Chicken Katsu Don, 60 000RP

I went with the Katsu Don because it already comes with an egg on the bowl. The egg is different than when you order separate because this one was cooked with brown onions, and that made it a whole lot nicer. The Katsu meat was also cooked perfectly and I have nothing to complain about. I also added IDR 3 000 to change from white rice to brown garlic rice. The change was worth it because now my rice has more flavour and its like eating fried rice with meat.


Crispy Ebi Fry

The Ebi was quite pricey for its portion. We expected tempura prawns the Japanese long type, but was disappointed with the size of it. That’s just not ebi furai!!!

All in all we were really happy with our main dishes, not so much with the appetizer. Negiya Donburi’s main selling point is no doubt the Gyu Tan Don. Even though there several new places that have tried serving Gyu Tan Don, Negiya is the one that triumphs all else.

Negiya Donburi

Jl. Casablanca Raya, Kota Kasablanka

Lantai UG, Food Society

Tebet, Jakarta


Tel: 021 2970 4981

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