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According to Zomato, Sushi Masa is rated 4.9/5. I might be late to the party because everyone might had tried this before while I haven’t. Reason being that its so far and off course from proper ‘civilization’. When we do meet ups its likely to be in the south area or just at the mall where it is convenient. It is located in a (possibly the only) nice building off the dock area in the north by the sea at Penjaringan. When driving to the place, my brother was hesitant if we were driving through the right alleyways. We trusted Google Maps and it brought us to the right place. So if you second guess yourself on whether to go through small dodgy lanes, you are probably going the right way.

The restaurant is situated at the third floor and they only allow you to come in only when you have made bookings, because its always crowded all the time. The first floor is a Japanese supermarket selling frozen and chilled fishes, cold pastries, and really good quality soft serves, which we got after dinner.

Salmon Sushi,12 000RP each + Salmon Aburi Sushi, 12 000RP each

I ordered several salmon sashimis and the quality was exceptional. I also love that the rice was little but the cut of salmon managed to blanket the whole rice portion. It made it seem like a good deal entirely. The salmon were really fresh as you would expect because the restaurant is situated near the docks. The owner of the place works at the docks and opening a restaurant was one of his goals in life. It is also easier for him to handle the supply chain of seafoods seamlessly.

California Maki, 40 000RP + Spicy Salmon Aburi Roll + Otoro Aburi Sushi, 110 000RP + Gyu Roll With Mayonnaise + Atama Salmon Shioyaki, 100 000RP + Kaarage, 50 000RP

We might have gone overboard with the tapas choices. Everything was a favourite. The highlight here was the Otoro Aburi Sushi that has scallops and tender beef on top. The rolls were equally tasty, a burst of heaven in the mouth. The Kaarage were also exemplary and the batter was perfectly seasoned.

Salmon Zuke Don, 120 000RP

Fresh and absolutely fresh as mentioned like the salmon sushi (above).

Salmon Spaghetti Alfredo, 110 000RP + Oyako Don, 70 000RP + Spaghetti Carbonara With Smoked Beef, 80 000RP

Silly us ordered pasta at a Japanese restaurant thinking that it would taste good. Unfortunately, it was rather bland no matter how much sauce we added onto it. This was a complete waste of stomach space, and we should’ve ordered more sushi/ tapas instead.

Kabuto Wagyu, 150 000 RP

The Kabuto Wagyu is a thin sliced beef with a ball of rice underneath. The quality of beef boasted a decadent depth of flavour. Use a chopstick to swirl it in one direction and eat it in a single mouthful. I can only say, whoa!

Gyu Don

Carefully cut tender beef placed over rice. Another simple yet delicious dish.

All we can say is that Sushi Masa deserves all the hype and I foresee myself coming back here when my Japanese food cravings tingles. This place is a great place to impress your date, business associates, or even just your parents or extended family.


Sushi Masa

Jl. Tuna Raya 5 No. 3 – 4F

Penjaringan, Jakarta

Tel: 021 2926 3561

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