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Duck Confit With Green Bean, Beef Bacon And Potato, 135 000RP

Cork & Screw is another dim lit bar selling alcohol and Western food options. We had plenty of orders for the night, so please continue to scroll to uncover pages of delightfulness from the night we had these. But as the truth goes, some were great, but others not so much.

Just like the Duck Confit on top, no jus were given. It wasn’t soft or tender-esque as we pictured it to be. This looked and tasted more like fried duck meat to be honest.

Pork Chorizo Spaghetti With Brown Butter And Sage, 105 000RP

The Pork Chorizo on the other hand was pretty great, with its meat cooked not too long that the juice of it has gone out of the meat. Every bite bursts out spices that was absorbed by the pork chorizo chunks, clearly it was perfectly well prepared and cooked.

Grain Fed Australian Sirloin 200Gr, 235 000RP

Thin strip Australian Sirloin, easily cooked and as expected it turned out superb. We asked for medium rare and it turned out just so.

House-Made Truffled Mac And Cheese With Portobello, 95 000RP + House-Made Salmon Ravioli With Salmon Cream Sauce, 80 000RP

The Truffled Mac & Cheese was something unique that’s worth trying it out for. The macaronis were tiny and it managed to soak within the cheese completely. It also was cooked with portobello so the cheesy sauce had an umami flavour with distinct truffle nodes all combined.

The Salmon Ravioli on the other hand was a lighter option as there wasn’t much of it. The taste of it was wonderful though, the salmon was almost steamed by being trapped within the ravioli. It was great because the meat being covered did not let air to escape and the flavour of the salmon was more robust that way.

Organic Roast ChickenWith Roast Vegetables And Potatoes, 95 000RP

I am more of a fan of the thigh portion of the chicken, but of course that’s a subjective matter. Do request for which parts you like before ordering.


Photo 18-5-16, 11 04 33 PM

A great night spent with these guys, childhood friends of mine. Can’t wait for another meet up, another food session to go to.

Cork & Screw is one of the preferred place to visit when in Plaza Indonesia, that’s an easy decision for sure.

Cork & Screw

Jl. MH Thamrin

L1 Plaza Indonesia

Thamrin, Jakarta


Tel: 021 3199 6659

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