Martabak All Flavours Under 100 000 Rupiah @ Mister Tabak


Evelovelle was invited to dine as guest at Mister Tabak


Mister Tabak fuses the flavours of Indonesia with our signature dessert dish, Martabak. There are so many places out there that sells it, but here there’s new flavours that you wouldn’t want to miss! What better than to have all these unique varieties in the price of less than IDR 100 000! The low price that it has is Mister Tabak’s competitive advantage, and I assure you quality isn’t compromised.

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Classic Beef Martabak + Mozzarella

We tried the salty before the sweet, as it is with life’s unquestionable rule. The dough has first been seasoned before frying them up, so you get a burst of zesty flavours in every bite. Mozzarella cheese were generously grated on top before being blowtorched. The salty Martabak here is one of my favourites of the day. Simple but hits the spot.

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IMG_1309 Regal Karamel Martabak

I love speculoos paste ever since the last time I tried it years ago. In this case, they poured caramel and jam paste over the Martabak base before generously sprinkling crunched Regal biscuits over it. I mean.. oh my god it was heaven! If you have never tried this Lotus biscuit paste before, I recommend that you do by trying out this Martabak from Mister Tabak because Speculoos aren’t easy to get in the country. They have to order online and import it from other countries. This Martabak I got to say is my favourite out of the whole lot that we tried.


Cookies N’ Cheese In Red Velvet Martabak

A good classic is the red velvet, cheese and Oreo combination. I’d say the sweetness was cloying up to me by the time I tried this one, but overall it wasn’t too bad.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 10.33.18 PM


Cheesy Green Tea Kit Kat In Green Tea Martabak

The Green Tea base was a little bitter to my liking but perhaps many could appreciate. I would stick to the sweeter options!


Nutella Beng Beng Martabak

I love a good chocolate and a good crunch, hence the Nutella Beng Beng is also a tick on my list. Besides, anything is good when there is Nutella isn’t it?

Mister Tabak is still sampling on other flavours at the moment and you can hope to find yourself surprised with new flavours when you order from them. I suggest ordering with Gojek should be preferred as they only have a few seats available. The seats available are also only available in the evening to night time when its less hot and when the public decides to get off work and chill out here. Mister Tabak is a kiosk coloured in bright yellow and you would be able to spot them easily along Jalan Radio Dalam Raya at Kebayoran Baru. I really enjoyed Mister Tabak and the highlight to me was the salty Classic Beef Martabak with added Mozzarella as well as the Regal Karamel Martabak. Check out their Instagram page for more updates and new flavours coming up here. I guarantee it’ll cheer your cravings but I can’t say the same about the calories, though sometimes I think its worth it.


Mister Tabak

Jl. Radio Dalam Raya No. 88

Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta


Tel: 0878 777 575 80

Mon to Thu: 3pm-11pm

Fri to Sat: 3pm-12am

Sun: Closed



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