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I’m currently in Batam! If you have been following me on Snapchat, you’ll know that I have been here the past week to run some errands. By the time this post gets out, I am guessing I would probably be back in Jakarta. I plan on going for only a week but have extended my stay because the island life is good right here. Just.. kidding! I have to settle administration issues right here so I have been going around town whilst also lounging about here and there, mostly drinking ice tea and playing darts (well.. actually) at my friend’s new clubhouse, Panbil Clubhouse.

I only brought a small luggage and packed clothes for only a few days, but I decided I could be creative and steal his shirt and wear it as a shirtdress. Luckily I have a ribbon belt with me so the only thing I had to do was to tie it on my waist for some shape. Fortunately, I can pull it off as a shirtdress because he.. is tall! But if I have a man of my height I could only probably wear this shirt as it is or as an outerwear. Hm, you reckon? I have been wearing a lot of muted colours lately because my hair is my only accessory, gives off all the colour and I don’t have to put in effort in accessorizing. I guess when you get lazy to dress up, just go crazy on the hair and dye a pop of colour. Yeap, that’s my lazy tip of the day… Ha!

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