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Trying out a new coffee place on the west of Jakarta. Koultoura Coffee is close to my old house and its located at busy, busy road on Taman Ratu Indah street. The place is made out of two floors but we felt that the second floor has more quirky spots and so we all preferred it there. The colourful animal portraits are absolutely adorable and if you realised, they are all wearing appropriate gears matching a personality that of teens. So yes, this place is definitely targeted to  youngsters, secondary school, college and uni kids I would think so.
IMG_2678Another reason that explains why most customers here were students is because the area has lots of schools surrounding the vicinity.


The Latte was really yummy and I liked it.

Koultoura Coffee is close to my old house and it would have been a comfortable place to chill out if I am still staying around here. If there is one drawback it would be that this place, because of the size of it, the air condition was not strong enough to really cool off the place on a sunny day. The sun in all its glory was still crude enough to set us ablaze inside. See, no one bothers to wear a jacket inside right? Anyway, I think Koultoura Coffee is the place I would always be at if I were still a student and in need of a place to study, aside of my comfy bed at home.

Koultoura Coffee

Jl. Taman Ratu Indah No. 33

Green Ville, Jakarta


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