Inexpensive Fine Dining Experience At Mockingbird

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Mockingbird serves fine dining food at reasonable prices. Food comes in sets A, B and C, where each set has three courses. Each course is customised for you so you only have to pick on which set do you like. The head chef, Ryan Santoso, spent almost a decade in the culinary industry and was trained by several legendary chefs. Ryan believes that fine dining should not be limited to the stereotype of fine silverwares, white tablecloths, expensive decors; rather the focus is on the food, and what you pay for is what you get on the plate. The place is built in an area that contains a sea of shophouses (warung) and food carts that sell inexpensive local foods. This explains how they can charge food at wallet-friendly prices because they have not much start-up cost debts to cover with their earnings. Man, either they own the place or they must be paying dirt cheap rent. Something to note, is that if you are the first ones to arrive at the restaurant, you get a free course set meal for 1 pax. How good of a deal is that huh?! And yes, we were the ones who earned a free meal! Yeowzah!

We all chose set B at 232 000RP which includes the following three items:

Tsunami Slap

Lightly seared yellow fin tuna, with milky white fennel puree, radish, kyuri, enoki mushroom, and sherry vinaigrette for more acidity.


Searful slice

The second course was beef tenderloin, which stock consists of red wine, jus reduced and simmered for hours. A side of beef pie was served warm like it was fresh from the oven. I thought there was too much beef, lack of carbs and vegetables. I’d say taste was pretty good but not excellent to be honest. A simple grilled steak with rosemary and butter would have been easier to cook and would have taste better. Its not bad, but not exemplary.


Ecstasy Grenade

The highlight of all three courses was definitely dessert. The chocolate mousse pyramid bomb melts in the mouth with just right enough sweetness. The slay of caramel puree was a nice touch although presentation of it was a little messy. The ice cream with the mousse was just a perfect combination and we all finished our own plates to the very last lick. 

At the end of the day, how would you define fine dining? To me it goes further than nicely plated food, its the whole experience that counts. Glitz atmosphere, highly trained staffs in formal attire, expensive cutleries, exquisite interior, etc, are reasons that makes fine dining an experience not to forget. Plus, having to dress for the occasion is part of the fun. I do on the other hand, believe that I am getting an immense value for what I’m paying for at Mockingbird, and so I would feel that its a restaurant worth visiting.


Jl. Metro Pondok Indah, Food Court Pondok Indah

Pondok Indah, Jakarta


Tel: 0878 8275 6850

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