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Complimentary Bread

Celebrating Jan’s Birthday with the crew this time and we ate our heart out that night. Le Quartier adopts a French name but the food is a selection of various Western and European mixes, anything but Asian. It ticks off as one of our favourite places to eat along the Senopati area.

White Ham & Truffle Oil, 188 000RP

We had a wood-fired pizza to start filling in our hungry stomachs, while the rest of the mains we would have to considerably give time to cook, so we wait. The base comes with a green pea pesto underneath, topped with mushrooms all well hidden in the photograph, leaf rockets, pine nuts and cheese of course. Every bite was savoury and contenting.
IMG_3376Barbecue Grilled Pork Ribs, 258 000RP

Then it came, a full rack of ribs, everyone had to learn to meditate and not salivate while I take a few shots of the ribs. It was genuinely one of the better ribs we’ve had after Hurricane’s Grill. The sauce was definitely different than Hurricane’s but both are still comparably good. The meat was tender and its easy to bite it off the bone. That my friends, is a sign of a perfectly good ribs.


Potato Gratin, French Beans, Mushrooms, Béarnaise Sauce

So these sides came along with the Tomahawk Platter that we ordered (below). The sides were all great, no complaints here.


Tomahawk Prime Beef, 1 198 000RP

Ouhh!! Would you look at that?! That was a legit 1.2 kg worth of steak on a plate. We asked for medium, and yes several parts were medium while the rest were still under. Its tough to get an even done-ness when such a steak is cooked right with the bone because the exterior would definitely be more cooked than the meat closer to the bone. Well it served us right because some of us preferred medium while the others prefer medium rare. And holy moly, my brother even took the whole bone to make sure the bone was polished squeaky clean, he’s the barbarian of the family.


After a big feast, Jan was surprised with Union Deli’s famous Red Velvet Pie cake, because this cake is a classic and it can never go wrong. So we had too much to eat, but worth it for sure. Thank you Audy and Isabel who purchased the cake, and also the Le Quartier team to have made a huge scene singing a Birthday song till the whole restaurant goes quiet. You guys are amazing.


We love unexpected twists, Le Quartier takes on the contemporary with graffiti visuals and a classic touch by hanging chandeliers on the ceiling. It evokes a fun cozy vibe.


I highly recommend Le Quartier and we had so much of an enjoyable time.

Le Quartier

Jl. Gunawarman No. 34

Senopati, Jakarta


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