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Not having met my Singaporean girlfriends for a long time, I decided to make time for them for the short period stay I had in Singapore.. and we met up for brunch.  My girlfriend recommended Sacha & Sons, a brunch branch owned by Wild Honey, a group of fine connoisseurs when it comes to the brunch scene. We all know that Wild Honey is one of the earliest adopters of the brunch scene in Singapore, but the place remained popular not just then but also now. Fast forward years later, Sacha And Sons opened its branch also at Mandarin gallery, right beside the Wild Honey store. Not just a brunch serving restaurant, they are also a New York style delicatessen, so source for your meats here for quality meats to be served at home.


Sliced Smoked Salmon, Herb Cream Cheese, Onion & Capers, 16SGD

The classic salmon on a bagel with cream cheese remains a popular brunch option seemingly everywhere that has it. We thought that Sacha & Sons did a perfect job in their own version because they are truly or perhaps precariously generous in chunking much of the salmon on to the plate. And you know, there can never be too much salmon in my opinion. They were as well however, unseemingly but the truth.. very charitable in the amounts of cream cheese that can lead us feeling nauseous. But it wasn’t too much of a problem as we can easily scrap that aside. This classic dish in their very version is still the same good old and it never fails to impress.


Scrambled Eggs, 8SGD + Apple Strudel W Sour Cream, 12SGD + Vanilla Milkshake

Order of bits here and there the way you like it. The scrambled eggs were not too runny and well made. The milkshake was sweet, it was as though we were drinking cold melted vanilla ice cream, and that’s gooood! The apple strudel was the one thing we really look forward to eating but was disappointed by it. It was dry and unworthy and it left us feeling senseless and unsatisfied.


Latkes – Pastrami & Hollandaise Sauce, 17SGD

As for me, I opted for the latkes with pastrami because I have never tried that combination before. Latkes are potato and onion fritters, similar to rosti but even more deep fried. Like the salmon, they were very generous with the pastrami and it does look like a small sum on the plate, but trust me.. it was plenty. The pastrami has strong black pepper taste and I love the crisp from the fritters and textures combined with the thinly sliced pastrami. It was cold cut and ready to eat.


Sacha And Sons has a more of a New Yorker slash Italian style brunch vibe from what we experienced, and its foods are fairly different from Wild Honey who tries to serve a breakfast style items from various countries around the world. I quite enjoyed Sacha And Sons, and it was the company that made it all the better. I still felt though, that Wild Honey would be my preferable to-go comparing the two because of its food options and modernesque setting.

Sacha & Sons

333A Orchard Road

#03-01/02 Mandarin Gallery

Singapore 238897

Tel: +65 6235 3900

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