First Sushi Tei Outlet In Batam


EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at Sushi Tei Batam


The first Sushi Tei outlet in Batam introduces its appearance as the most extravagant restaurant in Batam. Perfect for Singaporean weekenders and you can expect quality Japanese dishes at cheaper rates. Sushi Tei is a leading Singapore based restaurant known to serve exceptional quality Japanese dishes.

I was very impressed with the decor outside and inside of the building. Knowing how much was spent to get the building done exquisitely to the very specifics, we had to applaud the amount of time spent on crafting the whole premises. Knowing the shareholders personally, I might be a little bias.., but many agreed with me that the Sushi Tei outlet in Batam is by far the city’s nicest restaurant in terms of decor. My dining experience here was different from any other Sushi Tei outlets because I am used to visiting Sushi Tei at malls. Expect polished timbered floors, ceiling to floor glass windows, modern lantern lights and spacious seating corners. It is also located in a very strategic area and close to the city.


Sushi Tei has been one of those restaurants I go back to fairly frequently, probably twice of thrice a month. For those days or nights hanging out at the mall not knowing that to eat.., Sushi Tei has always been my safest bet. If you follow me on Snapchat (@evelovelle), you must have seen me munching at Sushi Tei very often.



Salmon Wafuu Carpaccio, 72 000RP

We started out with a mouth watering Japanese style salmon carpaccio drenched in sauce. Although how it came out wasn’t a replica of how it was shown on the menu, all was forgiven with the taste. I realised that the salmon was fresher than most of the Jakarta outlets. I was let known that for the Batam outlet, they import their salmon sashimi directly from Norway. I mean, can you imagine the quality of salmons bred in Norway?!


Dragon Roll, 75 000RP

The Dragon Roll consists of shrimp tempura meats wrapped in rice and avocado slices. The shrimp was juicy coated with a crunchy batter. Nothing pretentious, just simple classic flavours that makes up the deed.


Salmon Oyako Roll, 85 000RP

We proceeded with the next roll, our classic favourite and the one we always order whenever we visit Sushi Tei, the Salmon Oyako Roll. Every bite was gratifying in flavour and texture. Baked salmon was rolled in sushi and topped with salmon slice and salmon roe. Served with a sweet sauce and mayonnaise, which we then dipped with Japanese soya.. delish!



Yasai Tempura, 35,000RP

When we do not order salad, we opt for the unhealthier choice of the not-so-greens, the Yasai Tempura. We realised various Sushi Tei outlets serve different variations of yasai (greens) but all in all quality and variety approved.

Choco Wafer is like ice cream sandwich, and this version was layered with chocolate slices inside. Every mouthful was crisp, sweet and cold, obviously a wonderful concoction. The Black Sesame Ice Cream was tenaciously robust, extremely rich and decadent. It has been our favourite ice cream to come back to again and again.


Sushi Tei @ Batam

Batam, Kepulauan Riau, 29432

Tel: (0778) 7436833

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