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 Looking for an affordable Western restaurant option in town? Look no further as Concetto, a chain behind the faces of Saveur serves pocket friendly food options. The place is pretty huge, and its no surprise that it is always crowded with a long queue waiting during lunch hours. Since the outlet is located at Cathay mall, it targets mostly students and working adults that roams around the area for lunch breaks. We had to wait for a but for a table but it did not take long. Aside of affordability, service was quick, plating was gorgeous, food was delicious and the location is very strategic. All boxes are checked, what more can we want?!


 We ordered the pasta knowing how generous the portions can be, and we were really hungry!


Concetto Pasta, 4.90SGD
But before diving into our main pasta courses, we shared a starter, and yes.. another pasta. The Concetto Pasta has always been one of their signature dishes. The size is of course smaller than the main pasta dishes. The capellini is almost like angel hair, and the fact that it is so thin, it absorbs the crab aioli amply and we were simply appeased. The tiny shrimps were crispy and you get a taste of the ocean combining the crab aioli with it. The dish was rejuvenating as the pasta came cold with herbs that keeps it fresh.


 Carbonara Spaghetti, 10.90SGD
Carbonara was on point. You typically get bacon bits or ham pieces but the bacon pits here were caramelized to perfection, and they even provided a slice cut of pan fried confit pork belly. The creaminess of the sauce was also perfect in viscosity. The 65 degree poached egg also elevates the typical cheap commercialized cream carbonara pasta. Oh my god I thought, this kind of quality for only 10.90SGD!


 Fruitti De Mare Linguine, 15.90SGD
My other friend picked out the seafood pasta cooked in red sauce. The sauce was also creamy, almost like the famous local chili crab sauce. Seafoods included were mussels, prawns, crab meats and baby clams.


 Duck Confit, 13.90SGD
If you rather have something more meaty, go for the Duck Confit. We absolutely adored the combination of side ingredients that uplifts the quality of the dish. The duck was pan seared and thrown with a couple of ingredients which will blow your mind. There was a sweet corn puree with honey mustard sauce combination, sauteed mixed mushrooms and crumbs. The whole dish was well balanced and flippin’ delightful.


 Concetto by Saveur serves quality Western food at very reasonable prices. If you are tight on a budget but still hunting for a proper place to eat, or if you simply just love value , you might not want to skip on this one.
Concetto By Saveur
2 Handy Road
The Cathay
Singapore 229233
Tel: +65 6735 1141
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