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Bella Italia remains as one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Batam. We used to love coming here for a good pizza and pasta, and its no different this time. If you are anchoring at Harbour Bay terminal, Bella Italia is just a five minute walk away from the docks. Bella Italia also ranks highly on Trip Advisor and it is true to its words as one of the best restaurants in Batam for sure. A lot has changed since the last time I had dinner at Bella Italia which was years ago. The place has deteriorated quite a bit, and they have not upgraded the facade whatsoever. Truth be told, the food still taste pretty good but I remembered it being better.

Il Risotto Allo Zafferano E Broccoli

Il Risotto Allo Zafferano E Broccoli, 112 000RP

We were overly excited when we see scallops, prawns, and broccoli on a risotto cooked with saffron. The risotto texture was definitely there, but flavour wise, it wasn’t quite as tasty as expected. It was decent and still edible, just not wow-ed by it.

Bella Italia Pizza

Bella Italia Pizza, 112 000RP

The Bella Italia Pizza was our favourite pizza on the menu. The ingredients are simple, with beef ham being the main protein, topped with mushrooms, an egg, and cheese of course. Having a pizza with such a thin crust allows the topping to really stand out and we couldn’t get enough of it.

Capellacci Ai FunghiCapellacci Ai Funghi, 105 000RP

Each individual pasta sacks looked more like a ravioli than it is a capellacci. Each individual capellacci has stuffed mushrooms in it, paired with creamy mushroom sauce and cooked with more mushrooms. The bacon was like the icing on the cake and it was absolutely tasty as much as it is necessary. We got a balance of the salty umami flavour, basically a burst of heaven in the mouth.


Bella Italia used to be my favourite restaurant because first, it is Italian, and second, they do really authentic and unquestionably delicious pizzas. With more and more restaurants sprouting out in Batam, I reckon Bella Italia needs to have  a little facelift to remain modern and stay relevant. You can also have the pizzas, pastas, risottos, or other stuffs from the grill be delivered to you. For all I know and you guys must have already known too, I can eat pizzas all day every day if the waist permits.


Bella Italia Ristorante Batam

Komplek Harbor Bay City Walk No. 16, Jalan Duyung

Batu Ampar, Batam


Tel: +62 778 741 5225




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