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Greetings from Batam readers! Its been awhile since I have been here and so much have changed in a few years. Batam is finally hopping on to the cafe trend and I am so glad Anchor Cafe & Roastery serve not just coffee but also brunch food. The cafe is owned by Americans who resided in Batam and it has been open for about a month now. We love the fact that these Americans are fluent in Bahasa Indonesia. It was awkward at the start when they speak to us in Bahasa Indonesia and we replied in English. Heck, I think their Bahasa Indonesia could be more fluent than mine since I have been abroad more than half my life. The point is.. don’t be intimidated with having to speak up! The cafe’s signage is pretty huge and it is very visible from far out on the main streets of Sukajadi.


The first floor is where the seats are, with a glass room containing a coffee roaster for the public to see how its done. The second floor is where all their homemade cakes are baked.

Wild Berry Granola Crunch French Toast

Wild Berry Granola Crunch French Toast, 60 000RP

The American told us that the Wild Berry Granola French Toast was a popular brunch choice and we went for it. The bread was a homemade country white bread, which if it were me I would have preferred something like multigrain, seeded or whole wheat bread. Aside of that, we very much enjoyed the trunkful of granola that has sweetness from the berry compote, icing and maple syrup.

Open-Faced Carolina Honey Barbecue Sandwich

Open-Faced Carolina Honey Barbecue Sandwich, 95 000RP

This sandwich was a more popular alternative for all the men who needs to have their protein or they won’t feel filled up. This dish exemplifies a classic all-American dish, with pulled chicken barbecue on toast, the coleslaw and side of skillet potatoes. The pulled chicken was sweet and salty in all the right nodes.

Southern Style Chili With Warm Homemade BreadIMG_2848

Southern Style Chili With Warm Homemade Bread, 75 000RP

For American/Mexican flair, opt for the Chili dish. The broth was simmered all day, with lots of minced meat, beans, tomato chunks and cheese. There was also plenty of sour cream because it makes the broth so much better in taste.

IMG_2840Pumpkin Pie + Flat White

Pumpkin Pie + Flat White

We wanted the signature Pecan Pie but it was sold out, so pumpkin was our next best option. The pie wasn’t freakishly cloying from too much sweetness, it was a nice pair to the coffee I am having. The coffee on the other hand was really bitter in its nature so I couldn’t finish it.

Later in the day as we were still clogging up the tables and sipping on coffee, one of the owners gave us a cookie that was out of this world. It was a thick, chunky, the soft doughy kinds, aka my favourite type. Trust me to pair your coffee with that homemade cookie if you are here.


The restaurant is a nice place to hang out in Batam. There are also outdoor seats where people can have their casual smoke while sipping a cuppa. Anchor Cafe & Restaurant was filled with various caucasian visitors and this place seemed to be a hit amongst the caucasian population. I would say that these caucasian have found a piece of home settling in this cafe. Locals on the other hand are also starting to appreciate the specialty coffee shops as such. Its definitely a win-win for everyone.

Anchor Cafe & Restaurant

Dermaga Culinary Paradise RF No. 11



Tel: + 62 812 7027 275


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