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A few days ago I chanced upon a coffee shop pretty close to home. Viverri Coffee is a home roastery to start, which then evolved into a cafe. It has been in operation for about 11 months now and it is doing really well.


They source out beans from various parts of our vast lands, some from the extreme ends of Sumatra in Aceh, all the way to the other end in Papua.


Flat White, 25 000RP

The coffee wasbrewed using the La Marzocco Strada imported all the way from Florence, Italy. The Barista, Lukman, is a passionate, self taught barista whom he claimed coffee changed his perspective of life. He loves the history, culture, process and of course all in all for the taste of a perfectly made coffee. Aside of the manually polished outcome, the latte art was also spectacular. I really love a cafe that is an actual roastery because you would never fail to get fresh coffee out of the roaster.

For today’s white, I picked a blend that consist of beans from Aceh Gayo, Bali Kintamani, and Toraja Pulu-Pulu sourced from Sulawesi. Lukman and I had an informative chat on where they source their beans from and what flavours you can expect from different regions.


Here are some coffee facts just casually being written on the wall.


As I said, the owner, aka roaster, needed a space to roast, so he turned his place into one. The cafe/house hybrid is made out using the simplest interior basics. Whatever home or used furnitures they can find they use it to let customers sit in. Everything wasn’t necessarily purchased, even the sofa was taken out from inside the house and used for guests to sit in. Wooden tables are self constructed by themselves. Viverri Coffee does not serve any other food other than Indomie, which I thought was a weird companion to have with your coffee. Maybe for sweet iced coffee I would go for the Indomie, but to enjoy a warm bitter black or white I would not.

As it is a house roaster and they have minimal costs to pay, they can afford to charge an Espresso at 10 000RP, Long Black at 15 000RP, Cappuccino at 20 000RP, a latte at 25 000RP. Step into Viverri’s humble abode, no fuss whatsoever, just an excellent cup of skillfully made coffee is all you really need.


Viverri Coffee

Jl. Pluit Timur Raya Blok E Utara No. 7

Penjaringan, Jakarta


Tel: 0817 6515 666

Mon to Sun: 10am-10pm



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