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Union Deli by the Union Group has been one of the most successful restaurants in the F&B industry in Jakarta. They are mostly well known for the cake varieties, the Red Velvet Cake and Red Velvet Pie are signatures of the place, and even after all this time, the hype never dies down. Reservations are highly recommended if you want to pay a visit to Union Deli. Usually, you would only be allowed to dine for two hours and then asked to leave (politely). There are just too many customers to cater to and we don’t blame them for it.

Of the multiple times I have been to Union Deli, the previous times  I was only for their cakes, and most of the time I would buy for take away because queueing up wasn’t just an option. This time however, we made reservations, so we get to sit in and try out their main meals along with some cakes to indulge on after.


BBQ-Glazed Grilled Chicken W/ Truffled Creamed Corn, Roast Vegetables & Coleslaw, 95 000RP

The chicken came in looking scrumptious and boy it definitely was. It was cooked to tender and the meat came off the bone easily. It felt like Christmas on a plate with a rosemary stalk on top of it. The only thing missing was a side of carbs. A little bit of mashed or roasted potatoes would be nice.


Salmon & Spinach Wonton Ravioli, Brown Butter Sauce, 85 000RP

We all love salmon, we all love pasta, and we all love butter. All three on a plate was divine intervention. The salmon was tender and slippery as it easily glides off the spoon, super delicate to the tongue. That brown butter sauce was something we couldn’t get enough off.


A date with my girl, my very first friend in university, as we faced the worst subject we have ever taken in our whole uni life. Apparently the hatred for this subject we took was what made us good friends. But, thank god that was over…! Now its all about catching up about what’s new, a start of new paths that we have to take steps on, the career stage. Love you Felisa.


Red Velvet Cheesecake

And who would leave Union Deli without trying out at least a good piece of their cake? We wanted to try the newest addition to their cake menu, the Red Velvet Cheesecake. It was a mixture of cheesecake and their existing whole red velvet layered cake. I adored the chunk full of crumbs on top and at the back of the cake. Just.. brava!!


Skinny Flat White

I ordered a Flat White upon the cake’s arrival because I couldn’t go eat my cake without a good cup of coffee or tea. Any of you have the same problem as I do?



The atmosphere was exuberant on a Saturday morning like this. The decor was Christmasy with little hints of Christmas accents. The only downfall to the outlet is that there is no wifi. This is because they do not want customers to linger on for too long. Union Deli can afford to exert such implementation as crowds never stop coming in.


My favourite cake that I have tried, were the Red Velvet Pie and Peanut Butter Cake, … and believe me I have tried most of them!  One time my lovely sister actually bought 10 individual pieces of cakes and  piece them to a whole cake. It was a brilliant idea and I couldn’t stop eating that for that whole week. It also depends on what types of cakes do you like. Personally I am into the ultimate rich, sweet, super dense types of cakes. If you are not into that, perhaps go for a doughnut instead.

Anyhoo, Have a blessed Christmas this year everyone! Wishing you a ton of joy this holiday season.

Union Deli

Jl. Asia Afrika, Lantai Ground, Plaza Senayan

Senayan, Jakarta


Tel: 021 5790 5861

        021 5790 5861

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