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Marugame Udon is one of our best bets when it comes to an easy and affordable meal. We have tried Marugame at several outlets but the one we often visit were at Kota Kasablanka and Baywalk Mall. We have also gojek-ed Marugame Udon various times and were never disappointed. All the Marugame Udon chains look almost exactly identical in terms of layout and design.

Niku Udon + Tori Baitan Udon

Niku Udon, 52 000RP + Tori Baitan Udon, 45 000RP

Our favourite two items that have amazing broths were the above two stated. The Niku Udon has mild shoyu saltiness in its clear broth with imported sukiyaki beef served on top. The chicken Baitan Udon was something we were a little hesitant of trying because it looks bland due to its colour. Don’t be fooled by the looks of it, the flavour was just enough of a punch, and the meatballs were soft and easy to bite, softer than Indonesian beef meatballs.

Kakikage + Beef Croquette

Kakikage, 11 000RP + Beef Croquette, 12 000RP

We can’t pass the Kakikage every single time, but the rest of the options we don’t mind switching on other alternate Marugame days. The Kakikage is made up of purely carrots and onions fried in a good batter. Have it with the sweet sauce, and it will blow your mind away. There is also a Chicken Katsu (13 000RP) option available as a side order, what a steal at 13 000RP right? Just know that, the chicken katsu for side orders are served different than on it would on main meal items. The side Chicken Katsu are mostly leftover meats clumped together and formed to a katsu shape patty. It still tastes good, but you should at least know this before you order so you won’t feel cheated. Aside of that, all other sider items are quite on point.


The layout is strategic with a small entrance that allows you to queue immediately. You pick an order and chefs would serve you your main order within a minute or two. You move on along the aisle and a selection of anything tempura would be there available for you. All you have to do is pick the ones you want with a thong and put it on a plate, and then, you pay immediately at the counter. Even when there are long queues, it usually takes up to about five minutes just to wait in line. But the whole process of when the queue start to the very end of the counter takes no more than five minutes. Before you move on to your seats, don’t forget to take the condiments at a separate counter. We really appreciate a hearty saucer full of chilli, spring onions, and the most important part, unlimited tempura crumbs!

Marugame Udon

Jl. Pluit Karang Ayu, Baywalk Mall

Pluit, Jakarta


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