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E&O is the prime location for where internationalized locals and caucasians hang out. It is a restaurant serving Thai Asian fusion dishes, with various bar snacks and selection of cocktails, whiskeys, wines, beers and champagnes. That reminds me of the fabulous experience I had at Chin Chin in Melbourne.

Thai Limeade + Watermelon Juice + Iced Pandan Latte

Thai Limeade, 35 000RP + Watermelon Juice, 40 000RP +  Iced Pandan Latte, 45 000RP


They have a selection of E&O daily specials and signature cocktails listed on a chalkboard like in a classroom setting.

Crunchy Caramelized Chicken

Crunchy Caramelized Chicken, 90 000RP

We ordered a starter before anything else. E&O offers an unexpected Thai fusion offerings, a window of opportunity in the capital city of Jakarta, a selection of food items that locals had been craving, but didn’t quite realise.


For the main course, we ordered a little bit too much carbs than we should have. But it was all good as we finished them till bowls are squeaky sheen.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai, 125 000RP

The Pad Thai noodles has absorbed all the flavours beginning with all the necessary spices, peanuts, and chili tamarind sauce. The main protein served here was prawns, and they were chunky and juicy.

‘Choo Chee’ Crispy Barramundi With Chilli And Thai Basil

‘Choo Chee’ Crispy Barramundi With Chilli And Thai Basil, 180 000RP

The barramundi was filleted skillfully and no extra bones were sighted. The menu stated spicy but it was just a tad bit true. The fish and its sauce was the perfect companion to the big Jasmine rice and pad thai that we ordered. The sauce was a concoction of sweet and sour, classical Thai flavours you cannot miss.

Crispy Pork Belly With Tamarillo And Tamarind Sauce

Crispy Pork Belly With Tamarillo And Tamarind Sauce, 185 000RP

The pork belly served in cubes and came out in the perfect mouthful size. And again, tamarind sauce just seals the deal with any type of protein. The sauce is overpowering in itself, so the side of veges, pickled chili and onions will help to cleanse your palate.

Nutella Steamed Buns

Nutella Steamed Buns, 60 000RP

E&O was the first restaurant to serve Nutella Steamed Buns as far as we know before everyone else followed. The buns did not come alone, you get a cup of affogato along with it. Eat it whilst its steaming warm and you will not regret that decision. It would be nice if there was an element of crunch within the burst of Nutella because it was all soft, silky smooth in the cream centre. Still.. everything is already better with Nutella and I should not complain.


And here’s a little nutella porn for you..


It was crowded, but empty when we came because we always come early for food. Reservations are definitely recommended. The place was packed to the brim in a mere difference of half an hour since the above picture was taken.


There’s also a private area for a more exclusive dining environment.


All in all we enjoyed every single thing we ordered and everything came out fabulous. E&O is definitely a place to meet, mingle, and have a fantastic night at. The last picture is a memento to remember the after hours. Cheers.


Jl. Dr Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung, Lantai 1, Menara Rajawali

Kuningan, Jakarta


Tel: 021 5761 645

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