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Komunal 88 has comfortable space to chill, have coffee and pastries at. We came here especially for lunch to realise that they serve not just brunch dishes, but also pastas, selection of breads, salads and soups. The vibe of the area is warm and inviting. There are private spaces as well as communal tables where we were seated at. We don’t really have long communal tables in Jakarta restaurants and so we were rather surprised to find that they have that here.


These are the breads used for your brunch dishes, but I am guessing that they are for sale to the public too.


Flat White, 40 000 RP

We were a little confused with the coffee measurements that was served to us. Apparently a Flat White here is served in a tall glass, and we are pretty sure we did not order a latte. Funny that even the menu indicates that a latte and a cappuccino would be served on smaller glasses. Till now we still could not figure an appropriate explanation for this.


Cheese Croissant, 25 000RP + Iced Latte, 58 000RP

We expected a lot from the Cheese Croissant. However, the cheese was not cheesy but instead we were treated with blocks of cubed cheese within. Not a fan.


Parma Ham Pappardelle, 95 000 RP

We loved the pappardelle and we truly felt the salted heaven converging from the parma ham and parmigiano reggiano shavings. For such a lover of pasta, I am impressed with this one.


Home Made Black Ink Tagliolini, 120 000 RP

The boys ordered the blacked ink pasta. It was cooked with baby calamari, tomatoes and broccoli.


Komunal 88 Egg, 75 000 RP

Since we have an obsession with cured parma, this one being crispy, we love eating it with everything. With cheese and biscuits, on a pasta, or on a good-old bread like this one. There was hidden sauteed mushrooms underneath the poached egg. We also enjoyed the homemade flavoured butter with the parma benedict combo. For this one, the portion was small and even though he loved the his pick but my man wasn’t satisfied with the portion. It was like being given one egg benedict instead of two.


Carrot Cake, 45 000 RP

We also tried a piece of the Carrot Cake and it was a good palate cleanser, all of us brunchers approve.

IMG_2158 IMG_2157

We can’t lie that we were wishing that we could have more stomach space so that we can indulge on more. I have a problem with breads and pastries, they are my favourite form of carbs over a good cup of coffee. Seriously, how can you all resist?


Komunal 88 was a great find at the South of Jakarta. Now I can tick this off my list, check.

Komunal 88

Jl. Ampera Raya No.6

Ampera Six Building

Kemang Jakarta


Tel: 021 7194 673

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