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We were craving for Japanese food and we dropped by Hakata Ikkousha for a ramen fix. The interior of the place complies with typical Japanese aesthetics; lots of wooden furnitures with an open visible kitchen. Japanese restaurants have nothing to hide when it comes to publication of the cooking exposé, chefs are usually proud of their skills and being watched cooking is not really a big of a deal for them.


Ramen Babi Special, 55 000RP + Gyoza Babi Bakar, 29 000 RP

You can pick the level of doneness of the noodles. The cha shu was pretty good and the egg was on point if it was just a few more seconds under. Now, how did the broth fare? It was a pretty decent broth as compared to many other competitors who don’t even bother slow cooking the broth for long hours. I am telling you, people do that here and I am betting that they won’t stay around the neighbourhood for long. Hakata Ikkousha on the other hand, deserves a good star rating because its overall taste, quality and presentation are great. Is Hakata Ikkousha the best out there in the market? Nope, but it is really affordable and pretty tasteful option so we were really satisfied with it. When expectation surpasses costs, we get satisfaction of course. Condiments are a little different than the norm. We were served with garlic cloves where we personally crushed them with the garlic-crusher equipment. The juice of the garlic paired with soy sauce and sesame were our mixes for our gyoza dip. The gyoza was slightly oozing its juices which we thought was lovely.

Well executed Japanese ramen options on the menu, but if noodles aren’t your thing, there are several donburi options as well. A good ramen place in PIK? Hakata Ikkousha is definitely an option.


Hakata Ikkousha

Jl. Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk

Ruko Garden House, Blok B, Bukit Golf Mediterania,

Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta


Tel: 021 2903 3271

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