You guys all know how much I miss Melbourne, and boy was I glad to find a piece of it in Seminyak. We were only at Seminyak for a day because we spent the rest of the days and nights closer to Nusa Dua and Uluwatu. Seminyak is the region where hipster cafes, famous restaurants, knick knack shops are located. We queued for a good 15 minutes before stepping in here.
The place is infested with mostly caucasians, and it was a reminiscent of Melbourne’s brunch scene.
Flat White, 30 000RP + Pash Me Smoothie, 45 000RP + The Warrior, 45 000RP

We invited our driver for brunch because he had been so helpful and kind. I ordered a Flat White, and although I could taste the aromatic coffee within, the mug was rather huge, and it tasted more like a latte than a Flat White. On the other hand, the other two brunch companions opted for smoothies to beat the all year round summer vibe. The Pash Me consisted of passionfruit, berries, mango, coconut nectar and housemade nut milk. The Warrior was a mixture of banana, dates, soy milk, coconut nectar and peanut butter.

Polenta Fries, 50 000RP

 Enjoy this warm and you won’t regret how sinful it is. The warm polenta chips were drizzled in parmesan and it created a webby texture as it melts on the body. I reckon that the cheese would taste better if it were still cold and fresh, but the melted outcome was still as good. We dipped every single one of them in the truffle aioli, and I can only tell you that every mouthful was heavenly experience.

Sisterfields Dirty Burger, 90 000RP

We always say that the dirtier the burger, the tastier it would be. The beef patty was weighed at 160 grams, served with smoked cheddar, onion rings, a little bit of mustard and aioli. To be honest it felt like an expensive take on a Burger King set meal. It tasted good, but I just can’t forgo the thought that it shares identical qualities with Burger King or Hungry Jacks on my mind.

Pan Fried Salt And Pepper Squid, 70 000RP

The squid tasted lovely and it could very well taste as good if it were to be deep fried. The squid and salad as a whole were light, fresh and bursting with Vietnamese flavours with every spoonfuls.

Eggs Benedict + Smoked Salmon, 90 000RP

My sister went for the classic Eggs Benedict on toast. Aside of the usual hollandaise, red pepper pesto was poured over for an extra oomph. You could either opt for salmon or bacon to go with. We were just a little disgruntled when the salmon came out cooked as we prefered it raw. A good raw smoked salmon would have made it a much better dish as a whole.

Sisterfields reminds me of Melbourne in so many ways. Just a little tweaks here and there would have made it perfect. Its still far from par of the quality standards with Melbourne brunch places, but they are almost there. Keep it up.

Jl. Kayu Cendana
Seminyak, Kuta, Bali
Indonesia 80361
Tel: +(62) 21 3619 0505 07
Mon to Sun: 10am-5pm

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