Rock Bar


Rock Bar
is one of Bali’s pride when it comes to experiencing sunset to the vibrant nightlife. The bar is located at one of Bali’s finest, Ayana Resort, and it faces the west. We were able to watch the sunset and grasp that salty breeze that lingers in our hair. The bar stands along the surfacing the edges of the cliffs. We loved the DJ of the night and experienced magnificent views and vibe over a glass of drink and tapas to share.


We arrived at Ayana Resort and waited in line for the lift that takes only several people from to the top down to the bar. The lift is like a slow mini train ride that gradually glides down a track so you get views of the bar from high and low angles.


I must say that the moss masking over the rocks created a sense of earthiness that actually beautifies the setting even more.


Traveling companion, just her and I in Bali.


Dim Sim Platter + Beef Chorizo Corn Dogs

For the array of tapas, the dim sim comes in a bamboo steam case and non spicy chili stone bowl in the middle. The irony was that none are steamed, but all are fried. We also had the mouthwatering corn dogs paired with a bowl of cheese sauce, and cheese sauce never goes wrong.


Salmon Avocado Roll

I am intrigued with sushi served on a rugged hot stone, and that alone made the dish special.


We had these food right after the sun sets, as we were pretty much caught up with taking pictures and appreciating the moment when the sunset happens.


I have not been to many bars, but I can assure you that Rock Bar is one of Bali’s best as told by many friends and suggested reviews online. You cannot miss it if you are ever in Bali.


I say.. magnifique.

Rock Bar
Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera, Ayana Resort and Spa
Jimbaran, Bali
Tel: +(62) 21 361 702 222
Mon to Thu: 4pm-1am
Fri to Sat: 4pm-2am
Sun: 4pm-1am
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