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Sanum (Yoghurt + Tropical Fruits + Cereal & Honey + Sauce)

This is often what we crave for when standing in the middle of a drought. By that I mean a 365 summer days that is surely unavoidable, but in virtue of what Llao Llao can do, it has successfully boost my happiness by a sky mile.

Unlike the usual yoghurt cups, the Sanum makes use of a large plastic cup instead. Pick your own fruits but choosing from the array of toppings, I highly suggest the oreo or caramelised cookies just for additional sweet crunch. For the sauce, caramel beats the other sauces to the yard. I know this is supposed to be a healthy endeavour as how Llao Llao has had marketed it, but heck they gave us the sinful options and we just had to. Is it the best damn yoghurt out there ever? Not really, because I have tasted Frozen Yoghurt in Melbourne and that they have to use the freshest milk straight out of the farm while the outlets here definitely have to import in the raw goods. Nonetheless, its basic toppings still managed to win my heart over. Price wise at less than seven bucks I thought it wasn’t that hefty.


Llao Llao
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