Hai Di Lao Hotpot


Expect a queue at Hai Di Lao but fret not, be treated with snacks and teas; get a spoilt by getting your nails done; and feel safe to drop your kids at the children’s corner, while you wait for a table. All these are complimentary services Hai Di Lao provides. When our table was ready, we were given a choice of chrysanthemum or black tea, along with a hot towel to wipe our hands. I was utterly impressed when they gave us girls hair ties just in case we need them, as well as plastic cases to put our phones in so that the soup does not splash onto them.Here we had our two different soup bases, and you can order up to four and the metal partitions would be split. Do not skip on ordering the noodles and you would be entertained to a dancing master who would spin to elongate fresh floured noodles, it was amusing and almost hysterical.

Clarke Quay’s Hai Di Lao outlet is new to the market but the hype hasn’t died down yet, and I guess it is not going to for a long time. This Si Chuan steamboat restaurant offers a vast array of meats, vegetables, wines, that can all be ordered with the touch of an ipad.

We especially loved how there’s a sauce corner in the middle of the restaurant where you can mix and add your own sauces. There’s even a guide to create the perfect sauce, but being able to customise scoops to your own liking adds twice the fun. That’s not it, you would also be able to treat yourself to unlimited rounds of fruits and bean curd puddings after your meal.This is definitely the type of place to impress the stereotypical Asian parents or gramps from overseas, who can eat almost nothing else but Asian food (like mine). Hai Di Lao Hotpot excels in quality, and I know the ongoing hype has been quite upbeat, but I am here to confirm its supremacy.

Hai Di Lao Hotpot
3 River Valley Road, Clarke Quay
02-04-D Clarke Quay
Singapore 179024
Tel: 6337 8626
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