Water Flame

Salty Pork Bones Soup, 14.80AUD + Kurobuta Pork Rolls, 9.80AUD + Sliced Angus Beef, 12.80AUD + Udon, 3.80AUD
We need a good fix of heat in the tummy to keep us warm on a crisp cold night like this. The restaurant that we initially wanted to go to was temporarily closed so this was our second option. Boy was I glad that the first restaurant was not in operation, because Water Flame really satisfied our breadbaskets.

The usual crew us four opted for the most popular soup base, the Salty Pork Bones Soup and it really hit the spot. The salt concentration was not over the top, but balanced nicely with several herbs mixed within the broth. The Kurobuta Pork Rolls stood out to me and we have to order two plates of that. We just know that ordering this high quality pork meat can never be a mistake. They require only several seconds to cook, and I love it al dente.

Sweet Potato Noodles, 3.80AUD + H/M Crab Roe Cuttlefish Cake, 14.80AUD + H/Me Balls Combination, 12.80AUD + Stuffed Mushrooms, 8.80AUD
The Sweet Potato Noodles prove to be firmer when cooked fully than what we expected, and we assumed it was a healthier form of carbs than rice, hence the option. We love the Crab Roe Cuttlefish Cake and make sure you scoop it into mini ball sized balls before submerging them into the pool of broth.
Deep Fried Beancurd Paste Roll, 5.80AUD + Japanese Egg Tofu, 4.80AUD
For something on the side that was unneeded to boil, we had these above and both were simple and hearty. At Water Flame, there are other soup varieties, from the ‘Chicken Hot Pot’, ‘Drunken Chicken Soup’, ‘Seafood’, even ones like ‘Pork Stomach And Peppercorn Soup’, ‘Lamb Brisket Hotpot’,
‘Seaweed & Mussel In Bean Curd Miso Soup’, and many more. The choices are close to abounding that is sure to drool you over with at least one of them.
Water Flame
336-368 Little Lonsdale Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 9642 2882

Mon to Sun: 11am-10pm
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