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To travel or not to travel for food is the question. I think my friends and I can be described as the former, we are brunch adventurers! Baba Sus is located at Burwood and this was our first time visiting this region. Baba Sus is an Asian inspired cafe, one we do not see too often in the city. We came here especially for the Hong Kong Egg Waffles, after its successful appearances on Instagram countless times.
Flat White, 3.60AUD + Mocha, 3.80AUD
The Mocha was beyond adorable with a pig’s head staring at you while you drink. I do not want to sound silly but can you spot the pig? Because not all my friends could. A sketch of a pig is used as Baba Sus’s logo and we thought the pig resemblance as latte art was very fitting.
Hong Kong Egg Waffles, 14AUD
If Baba Sus has a signature dish, it would be the Hong Kong Egg Waffles. Its sweet, unique, beautiful, scrumptious looking, and picture worthy. An eggette pancake was folded in half, served with vanilla custard, berry compote, green tea ice cream, sprinkled with pistachio praline and icing sugar. It was seriously delicious, and the verdict was unanimously given by all of us food juries.
Corn And Zucchini Croquettes, 16.50AUD

On the other side of the savoury spectrum, we tried cylindrical shaped croquettes filled with corn and zucchini. We love dipping them in aioli and the yolk of the egg. The salmon was carefully house cured and was the perfect protein to add to this dish.

Soba Noodles, 16.50AUD

The Soba Noodles were incredible. The array of tempura given include king prawn, enoki and pumpkin. The tea egg was cooked to perfection as the soft-boiled was cooked through but the yolk centre remains runny. The only flaw that we have was how the residual soy sauce at the bottom made the last few bites really salty. It would have been better if they serve the soba noodles on a Japanese serving tray.

Blue Mountains Wagyu Burger, 18AUD

Lets see what was sandwiched in between buns; wagyu beef; gherkins; onion jam; tomato; gruyere cheese; lettuce; and chilli mayonnaise. All of that goodness was served with kaffir lime chips. This is a dish for your man to have.

We love the bright space and its Scandinavian interpretation, which makes the atmosphere cozy and comforting. Burwood Station is right behind the cafe and coming here is easily accessible even though we hardly visit the suburb. This place definitely deserves to be on your brunch list, and I would suggest to at least have one person in your party order the Hong Kong Egg Waffles.
Baba Sus
15-17 Bardolph Street, Glen Iris
Melbourne, Victoria 3146

Tel: +(61) 03 9939 6141

Mon: Closed
Tue to Sun: 7.30am-4pm
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