The Petty Officer

The Petty Officer simply is one of my favourite types of cafes because it allows for bright natural lights to come in, has a non cluttered space, good ventilation of noise pollution. We were taken aback with the simplicity of the surroundings, just a mere eagle that stands out aside everything else. This cafe is not often visited or known about because of its location. Not many of us come to Albert park for no reason, but we appreciate the quietness on a weekend and would travel for that. We had a session of golf at the Albert Park driving range after this, hence why. Another plus point, this cafe has free wifi!

Not A Benedict, 17.90AUDJan ordered the Benedict, but not really. It consist of smoked pulled ham hock on wilted spinach and potato rosti with hollandaise sauce, and a slow poached egg. The balance of the protein, carbs and veggies was on point, ain’t no mountain of benedict higher than this.

Rosti Royale, 17.90AUD
I ordered The Rosti Royale because it made me feel like royalty, and no I am kidding. Instead of the usual Eggs Royale on sourdough, English muffins or bagels, we received a block of rosti that goes so well with everything on top. The smoked ocean trout here was delicate, yet at the same time distinctive in that smoked flavour. I was such a fan.

Wagyu Beef Burger, 17.50AUDI think to create one of the world’s tastiest burgers, it almost always require caramelised onions on top of a beef burger. It sure adds a lot of difference giving a certain sweetness and an addictive umami flavour. The rest was pretty detectable and customary in a good classic burger, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes sandwiched in between buns.

Corn & Polenta Fritter, 17.50AUD + Middle Cut Bacon, 4.50AUD

A take on something a little Mexican we have here a mountain of Tuscan kale on a huge fritter. We absolutely adored the sauce, as it used a blend of both capsicum and yoghurt. The end result had a fresh acidity as well as a balanced creamy mix.


Flat White, 3.80AUDAnother reason why The Petty officer gets additional points on my scorecard is because they use Axil Coffee Roaster’s coffee beans, also known to be my favourite, and you would already know this if you have been following my coffee journey and reading my blog for awhile.

Yas! And we were all stuffed and satisfied
This place has become one of my favourite brunch places because they tick every criterias in my list. I managed to capture a good shot of the empty place before closing time, and it sure looked beautiful on a sunny day like this. The Petty Officer is definitely one to visit.
The Petty Officer
113 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park
Melbourne, Victoria 3206
Tel: +(61) 03 9686 3000
Mon to Fri: 7am-3.30pm
Sat to Sun: 8am-4pm
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