The Grand Hotel – Celebrating its 130th Birthday // 9th Anniversary

EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at The Grand Hotel


The Grand Hotel
at Richmond celebrates its 130th Anniversary at one of its function rooms and boy, I must say they overdid it! Go big or go home right?! The layout was beautifully decorated and they had to go all out because having lots of candles to count means there is definitely something deserving to be celebrated about isn’t it?! We dined at a romantic set in the Como function Room.


But first, since one of the chefs ‘wasn’t feeling well’, we had to prepare one of the dishes of the night, which was the Terracotta. The dough was already pre-prepared for us and all we had to do was to mix our own herbs and spices, with the Barramundi fillet that was presented to us.


I added spring onions, a clove of mashed garlic, potato balls, tomatoes, chilli, rosemary, the zest of lemons and lemon juice.


Rolled it up on a baking sheet and my effort was neat wasn’t it?! #chefeve #andquiteproud


Cured Ocean Trout With Citrus And Berries

We were served with canapes and this was my favourite one. Cured ocean trout, always!


Poached Veal Tongue Crostini With Salsa Verde

I had a bite of this realising it was some sort of tongue. The texture was smooth and creamy, but regretted having it because I couldn’t take tongues. Everyone in this bunch seemed to love this one though.


Tomato & Basil Bruschetta

The classic Basil and Bruschetta on a cracker was also fresh and a great starter to our palates.


After having our canapes, we were all brought to the Como Room where it was decorated by creative event stylist, @thethreepiecesuit. If you have function events or even birthday events to cater to, be sure to contact them as they do beautiful and classy set ups.


It was a magical garden themed dinner for The Grand Hotel’s birthday party. This was the group I dined with and they were a fun bunch.


Pepper Crusted Venison Carpaccio, Goat Cheese Mousse And Beetroot

The first course was a savoury venison that was cut really thinly. It was lightly seared and crusted with pepper, which gives a crunchy factor in every bite. We love how wholesome this looks but in fact was indeed just a really light appetizer, tricks the mind to be full with such a huge plate but the tummy could keep going.


Agro Dolce Quail With Porcini Mushroom Puree, Brussel Sprouts, Quail Egg And Black Truffles

Most of us agreed that the Quail was inarguably the best dish of the night. Each of us was presented with half a quail on a bed of mushroom puree, and every bite was packed with truffle flavour. The mix of poultry and umami were a great concoction and we couldn’t be more pleased.


Broad Bean, Pecorino & Mint Risotto

The third course was a refreshing risotto, with rice done al dente, which makes it not as soft and fluffy as normal risotto rice, but charmed with a firmer texture.


Mortadella Cappelletti In Brodo

Next was something different that I have never tried. Cappelletti is an Italian variation of pasta that looks similar to tortellini but really, they are quite different in the way of making. Inside was Mortadella, a type of Italian sausage that was made out of finely hashed or ground pork. The broth was completely light but the meat within the pasta packed punch of flavour.


Next on the list, our baked Ocean Trout Terracotta was finally ready. I sat beside Pranav, Zomato’s National Community Engagement Team Lead for Australia, and this was his creation! Obviously mine’s a lot neater right? Whoop whoop! So we used our rolling pin to crack it up and look…


Cone Bay Barramundi Cooked In Terracotta

My Barramundi was cooked! It was all great except I actually forgot to season with salt and pepper, which I reckon it would have been perfect if I did. I absolutely love the chili heat that I added though. Well, A+ for effort yeah?



Cherry Tomatoes, Buffalo Mozzarella, Basil


Lemon Delizia

The Lemon Delizia was a mixture of sweet, sour and a little bitter at the same time. It has shaved lemon skin which was crisped up during baking which makes it bitter, and perhaps a little too much was presented on the dish. However, the mix of sweet gelato with agar agar and crumble was flavoursome and we love the different textures altogether combined in a single bite. This is not your usual kind of sweet dessert, I would say its quite acidic and zesty.


This chocolate dish was one of the chef’s special that wasn’t on the menu, we were lucky to try it out anyway. It was mindblowingly incredible when you mix chocolate, salted caramel and popcorn together.


Shoutout to these guys who helped make the event a success:

@thethreepiecesuit – Event Stylist
@laurenskorsis – Event Stationary
@bakeandco – Cakes

Its was a fun night and we stayed till so late because you were such a good host. Once again Happy Birthday The Grand Hotel at Richmond. Thanks for having me and the rest to this wonderful event.

The Grand Hotel
333 Burnley Street, Richmond
Melbourne, Victoria 3121

Tel: +(61) 03 8658 3459

Mon to Sat: 12pm-1am
Sun: 12pm-12am
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EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at The Grand Hotel


We were honoured to come back several days after we celebrate The Grand Hotel’s 130th Birthday, courtesy of owner of The Grand Hotel, Barnie Bouchaud. This time, Jan and I celebrate our 9th annual Anniversary and I can’t believe how much time flies. That means, we would hit a decade next year and we are already feeling like such an old couple. Anyway, here’s a pictorial summary of what we ate..

I hope you guys are enjoying these food pictures and do give The Grand Hotel a try if you are looking for an elevated Italian meal. I think what really stood out to us was also the environment of sophistication, a statement of class that screams Italiana. They also have a spacious cosy bar to chill and have a drink at on the other side of the restaurant. We were thankful and impressed with the quality of dishes and prompt service. Overall, a big thumbs up to The Grand Hotel.

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