Old Town White Coffee


Old Town White Coffee
finally opens a branch in Melbourne and I know I have to check this one out. The franchised outlet originated from Malaysia and the design of the place was made similar to its overseas branches.


Old Town Nasi Lemak, 14.50AUD

The Old Town Nasi Lemak did justice as there were many sides to eat the rice with. The rice gave off a really nice fragrant smell because it was cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves. We adored the tumeric fried chicken and it was deep fried on the bone. There were also grilled chicken satays and fish fritters that were both delicious. We enjoyed everything with huge good bowl of sambal because we asked for a ton of it. The sambal was spicy for my Singaporean friend but it wasn’t for me.


Roti Canai With Sardine, 8.90AUD

This was my first time eating Roti Canai with sardines in it. Inside was jam packed full of sardines and green chillies. I loved pairing it with the curry that was served along with it. Having the curry and sambal together tasted excellent and I basically wiped out my friend’s sambal bowl that was supposedly used for the Nasi Lemak.


Peanut Butter Toast, 3.50AUD

The Peanut Butter Toast had a nice crispy texture to it but there was not enough peanut butter and it made it dry. I don’t love it.


We terribly missed foods of this kind and it was a nice visit to Old Town White Coffee to eat what we grew up eating. A few of you have asked if I am from Malaysia or Singapore, and the answer to that is no. I am not 🙂

Old Town White Coffee
303 Elizabeth Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

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