Melbourne is prolific for high-skilled and inventive pastry chefs that makes you unquestion that there exist a greater nation that can satisfy your sugar cravings as she does. With that in mind, I could tell you more elevated cake shops than those small cake joints selling classic, more traditional type of cakes. Beatrix is one of the latter, serving mainly sandwiches and cakes. The types of cakes are ones you would find at your aunt Betty or grandma Sally’s humble abodes. Cakes are served in classic Chinas and we just loved the homey vibe.


The outlet is pretty small with just a few tables inside the cafe, and more seats are located outside. The decor is fairly simple, with hanging whisks that act as the focal point. Menu is not given but written on boards which are hung up on the wall.


The cake display is small but extremely filled up. Some of the cakes aren’t even there for show but are at the back of the kitchen. You may visit their Facebook page to see what they are serving because the cake list changes weekly.



Beestinger is traditionally a German dessert, a cake or bun-like dessert infused with vanilla custard. As the name would suggest, of course there would be honey in it! Honey was drizzled on top together with some roasted almonds. This dessert got its name based on a legend of German bakers from many centuries back, that a bee was attracted to the dessert and in which later it gave the baker a stung.


The Tiger Ciabatta

Inside the ciabatta was pulled pork shoulders mixed with smoky barbecue sauce. There were also blackened potato cubes that adds zing to the dish. Some red slaws to freshen with pork cracklings to add some crunch. We absolutely love the pork done two ways.


Red Velvet Layer Cake

Such a popular cake such as the classic Red Velvet Cake is surprisingly not as easy to find in Melbourne. The texture was pretty dense and the flavour was quite sweet. It is best to eat this with preferably black coffee to wash off all that sugar sweetness.


Triple Layer Carrot Cake

The Triple Layer Carrot Cake we find it more enjoyable even though the Red Velvet Layer Cake was a more popular option. The texture was quite crumbly, but in a good way as there are huge carrot and nut chunks in it. The Carrot Cake was also not cloyingly sweet. The only drawback would be that we needed more cream cheese. I mean, if I am having carrot cake, I want it as dirty and sinful as possible. Not eat to live but live to eat my friends.


I highly suggest that you should come to Beatrix, first for sandwiches, and end off with a cake or two with a warm cup of coffee afterwards. Share it by all means and steal bites from as many different cakes as possible.

688 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria 3051
Tel: +(61) 03 9090 7301

Mon: Closed
Tue to Sat: 9am-4pm
Sun: Closed

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