Adios Melbourne


Saying goodbye to a city that is that beautiful, full of life and full of dynamic qualities wasn’t easy. I have to announce goodbye to my Melbourne readers as I am leaving this city. I am moving to another, more populated, less developed nation which still has its charm, Jakarta it is. I have finally finished my degree of Commerce in Melbourne University and now its time to head back to where I was born.

I have so much to learn in this unfamiliar city and god knows whether I would fit in here but I am willing to try. I have not lived in Indonesia for the past 16 years of my life and I am practically a tourist in my own country. I am finding every reason to stay in Jakarta because its difficult to adapt and find myself here, let alone speak the language. I never understood the word ‘home’ after moving from places to places until I lived in Melbourne, a multicultural city that plays along with my hobbies and eccentric, slightly random personality. Now as I write a new chapter in my book of life I wish to make it as interesting as it permits. Jakarta, here we go.

(P.s, I’ll still be blogging about food posts in Melbourne for quite some time because I have too many posts to upload and they have all been backlogged #bloggerwoes)

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