Rice Paper Scissors

We were hungry souls tonight as we just came back on a day out from the Grampians. Rice Paper Scissors was perfect because its portion sizes are generous. There is this deal where two persons can enjoy five dishes at 55AUD. Its quite a steal if you ask me. Double that up because there were four of us! In total we ordered seven dishes and we proceeded with two dessert dishes after the main meal. Rice Paper Scissors is sort of a Vietnamese/Thai fusion restaurant serving Vietnamese/Thai street food in an elevated style.

The decor is pretty rustic and artsy. Its a bar-like restaurant and we sat on high stools while we eat.
Crying Tiger
The Crying Tiger is a chargrilled wagyu beef topped with salsa herbs. We had to wrap it in lettuce and dip it in a spicy citrus dipping sauce. The beef was cooked perfectly and not overdone. I especially loved the smokiness that brought not just a fragrant scent but also a really aromatic flavour.
Thai Fried Chicken

The Thai Fried Chicken was highly recommended by the waitress. It came out a delight as the meat was pretty juicy still while the outside skin was really crisp. The best part about the skin was that it was marinated in galangal, chili and coriander root which brings out that intense flavour, but not too overpowering.

Crispy Barramundi

The Crispy Barramundi I thought lacked a little bit of crisp but everyone else on the table found it enjoyable. I do adore the lovely salad mix of green apple, roasted cashew, chilli, basil leaves mixed with Thai Nahm Jim dressing. The combination of the meat and salad was a burst of refreshing flavour, but again, I would have wished the barramundi to be a little more crispy. Well.. its called Crispy Barramundi for a reason!

Balinese Roast Duck

I missed being in Bali savouring my heart out eating great Bebek Betutu (Duck Betutu). Except, the one in Bali that I had was extremely, excruciatingly spicy. This one with that amount of chili I couldn’t even feel the spice. We were supposed to peel the poultry, wrap it in betel leaf and dip it in the light but acidic dipping. However, we all preferred having the meats by itself and thought the betel leaves were unnecessary. This is the type of dish where I just want to get my hands dirty and bite it to the bone.

Sticky Pork Belly

The Sticky Pork Belly was the house’s favourite, most popular dish, and we have to completely agree with them. The pork belly was twice cooked, coated in sticky and sweet tamarind caramel sauce. The sound of tamarind and caramel easily made me drool even before ordering it. The skin of the pork belly was slightly crispy but caramelised so perfectly it tasted nutty and sweet. The overall dish was definitely sinful, and the fresh salad managed to successfully balance the heavy flavour.

Banana Roti, 10AUD

After our main meal, we cleaned off our stomachs with desserts. Within the fried roti were banana, nutella and peanut, classic combinations that always go right. It was a tad bit pricey for 10AUD.

Ice Cream Sanga, 10AUD

The next dessert was homemade mango sorbet and coconut sticky rice sandwiched in between plain toasted buns. The bread was nothing special but the sorbet really ties all the ingredients together. This reminded me of a street side Singaporean push carts selling ice creams and breads. Man.. this is definitely a great dessert for a warm summer day.

I love how Melbournian chefs are competent and creative when it comes to cooking fusion. Rice Paper Scissors nailed it and we would be back for sure.
Rice Paper Scissors
19 Liverpool Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Tel: +(61) 03 9663 9890

Mon to Sun: 12pm-3pm
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