Introducing to you one of the finest gelato places in town, Pidapipo. The owner, Lisa Valmorbida had many years of experience working in Melbourne’s best restaurants. She also attended Carpigiani Gelato University in Italy where she refined her gelato making skills there. These gelatos are handmade daily, and stored in stainless steel pozzetti, which are the tubs above that has an air mixer used to keep the gelato temperature even. At Pidapipo we get the best of Italy and quality is definitely assured. Its not rational to eat gelato in the cold this winter period so we had them to take away. The store has limited seats inside, but more outside.


Sorry for hogging the queue but we were spoilt for choice, hm.. what to pick, what to pick?!


We got two 500ml tubs for 10AUD each which we all thought it was definitely worth every penny. If you pick the 500ml tub, you can pick to up to two flavours, but the 1 litre tub would allow for three. We loved the way the tubs were wrapped in simple but lavish wrapping. We felt the excitement of coming home having to unwrap our ‘presents’!


Nutella Swirl + Raspberry Swirl + Pistachio + Hazelnut

The Nutella Swirl was unique as they first swirl in liquid Nutella before mixing it with vanilla gelato. This was done on site when you order and the result was that you get chunks of hardened Nutella but it melts in your mouth as you tuck in. Another standout was the Pistachio flavoured gelato and the strong Pistachio taste is almost as if you eat the seed itself. Generally for all four milk based gelatos, they were very dense, creamy, but most importantly they all really got a good punch of flavour. Many gelato parlours can be on par in creaminess and the danger with that is having the gelato taste just like it is, cream. Pidapipo definitely does a good job in truly bringing the flavour out and though its winter, I will still brave the winds and frosty weather for this.

299 Lygon Street, Carlton
Melbourne, Victoria 3053

Tel: +(61) 03 9347 4596
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