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EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at Masak Ku


Masak Ku are two Malay words that mean ‘My Cooking’. The owners behind this sophisticated looking restaurant were a couple, the husband being the head chef from Malaysia, and the wife from Hong Kong, who takes care mostly on the daily operations making the sale. The duo created a fancy dining place serving mainly Malaysian and Chinese foods. We were in awe with the beautiful decor and we did not expect to dine under classic chandeliers with wide arrays of wine selection to choose from.


The food offerings are mostly meant to be shared and I brought three friends over to share the spectacular opulence.


Teh Tarik (Iced)

We could have ordered wine, but nothing beats the cultural Malaysian Teh Tarik. We all ordered the same drink and absolutely loved that it wasn’t too sweet that would cloy up our systems. Having too sweet of a drink usually would leave me feeling fuller halfway through a meal, these ones had just the right amount of sweetness.


Chilli & Szechuan Pepper Squid, 9.50AUD

From the starter list, we ordered a lightly battered fried squid that was dusted with szechuan pepper. The meat was chewy and juicy, and the drizzle of the chilli oil gave the squid a boost of that punchy flavour.


Roti, 5.50AUD

The Roti was unusual as it was served crumpled up. We thought it was genius as cooking it like such made the Roti more crispy in all dents of its form. The texture was rather flaky and definitely buttery. It was served with a house made curry sauce but I reckon you could ask for some sugar and coat the roti in it. I bet that would taste as good.


Butter Soft Shell Crab, 11.90AUD

The crab was satisfying as the shell was not plasticky and not dry. It was cooked similarly with the squid from before. Curry leaves, desiccated coconut and eggs were tossed during cooking for a lovely burst of flavour.


Beef Curry Puff, 8AUD

The puff pastries at Masak Ku are homemade, and we loved the flaky finish. The potato and beef curry were lovely and the puff folds were executed with finesse.


Sambal Fish Char-Grilled In Banana Leaf, 28.90AUD

Sambal Fish is a signature at Masak Ku and its one of customer favourites. The whole fish was deboned smothered and stuffed with sambal before char-grilling it. The fish was also wrapped and cooked in banana leaf which makes it fragrantful. We loved the fish texture, and found that the skin retained the most flavour because it has spices and it had direct contact with the grill.


Salted Fish And Chicken Fried Rice, 13.90AUD

I always love a good classic fried rice cooked in salted fish. It really brings out that much needed saltiness that can be acquired even without adding soy or other salted substances to the rice.


Spicy Pork Mince With Eggplant, 18.90AUD

I particularly enjoyed the eggplant cooked in ground bean sauce. It tasted a little similar to black fried carrot cake. Together, the soft eggplant and tossed spring onions were a sterling combination, which left us feeling moreish.


Hokkien Fried Noodles, 13.90AUD

These Hokkien noodles were cooked with prawns, chicken, octopus and barbecued pork in a dark soya sauce. The meats were great individually but the sauce I find it to be a little too salty for my liking. The dish needed to be balanced with a little sweetness such as a simple sweet sauce.


Fragrant Beef Rendang, 18.90AUD

Rendang caught our eyes in the very beginning and we knew we had to order them. We were served with tenderous chunky beef pieces. Rendang has to be slow cooked and it needs to be carefully monitored to ensure that the meat would not be tough or dry. We appreciate a good rendang and the meat was stellar. The dried curry could be improved a little more because I am making comparison to a robust, full bodied classic Indonesian flavours. But other than that, I still really enjoyed this dish, especially when pairing it with the fried rice that we ordered.


Durian Puff

Two of my friends wanted to try out the Durian Puffs because how often can we find durian puffs in Melbourne? Since I dislike durian, my friends had to make the say. They mentioned that it was unique and that pastries pairs well with durian. The durian smell and taste was quite forceful to the senses even from a single puff, which was supposedly a good thing. The durian was served with cut out strawberries and pomelo. We received two puffs because only two of us were sampling it, but the original portion of the plate was supposedly four pieces.


Chocolate & Chilli Ice Cream + Lychee Ice Cream + Pandan Ice Cream

At Masak Ku they make the ice creams themselves. We were pretty filled up so the lady organized a sample sized ice creams for us. Be mindful that if you order from the menu it would be much bigger than it is. We were incredibly impressed with the Chocolate & Chilli Ice Cream, the flavour was dark with a lingering spice in the mouth. It was really unique and absolutely remarkable. The Lychee Ice Cream and Pandan Ice Cream on the other hand were more classic to the Malaysian tongue. Both flavour stayed true to its natural ingredient form and we were equally pleased.


This place is a great choice to dine with your family, relatives and even colleagues to. All in All Masak Ku is a stunning and enchanting restaurant that serves good food that are meant to be shared. If you are looking for a Chinese-Malaysian option but wish to skip the casual vibe, Masak Ku is a more refined restaurant you can consider.

Masak Ku
732 Burke Road, Camberwell
Melbourne, Victoria 3124

Tel: +(61) 03 9882 3812

Mon to Sun: 5.30pm-10pm

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