Lot 6

Corn Fritters, 12AUD

This is probably the last time I would eat on school grounds as I dined at Lot 6 on my very last day of school. Prices here are cheaper than elsewhere but portions are way smaller too. The corn fritters were small made out with spring onions and coriander. They were delicious when paired with the house’s relish. Poached eggs were done well, but just slightly overcooked.

Polenta Eggs, 12AUD

The crispy polenta and parmesan cake has textures like fried bean curd. Lot 6’s chilli jam really stood out as a sauce that defines the whole meal. On the side were smashed avocados, poached eggs and rockets. My complain today would be that my poached eggs were seriously overdone and there is no liquid that flows out when I cut it in half. The eggs done were inconsistent, some people have it gooey, some people have it solid.

Overall it was an unsatisfying meal because of the teeny portions and my hardened poached eggs. Even if it wasn’t my last day of school, this would be the last time I step food here.
Lot 6
Gate 6 Swanston Street, University of Melbourne
Parkville, South Yarra
Melbourne, Victoria 3010

Tel: +(61) 03 9347 2441
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