Grand Trailer Park Taverna


Francis Underwood Burger, 16AUD

Grand Trailer Park Taverna has caught my eye since the very beginning and after months and months of unconscious dawdling, we finally made it here! The very reason of why we were drawn to Grand Trailer Park Taverna was because of the Francis Underwood Burger. If you are following and are hardcore fans of the House Of Cards series, trying this burger out is somewhat an obligation. Can I just say I marathoned the whole third season months back in three days, thank you Netflix! House Of Cards is a political TV drama series on how this power hungry congressman made his way up the ladder through dirty, really dirty duties. Not going to spoil no more in case you are interested in watching, but I just have to say that this show is brilliant, and one of the most exciting tv shows I am following up with.

The Francis Underwood Burger holds so much power consisting of premium aussie beef pattie, melted American cheddar cheese, with a big fat layer of mac and cheese croquette. The burger is tied down with a special sauce and a classic American mustard. I especially loved the mac and cheese croquette and couldn’t resist topping up tomato sauce for more flavour. The brioche burger bun was nicely toasted and its somewhat sweet and crunchy. Seriously, the perfect way to balance the ultimate savoury concoction was just to add a simple sweet bun and they nailed it.

Atomic Burger, 16.50AUD

The Atomic I wasn’t sure how the name came about. However, we ordered it anyway not just because of what was inside, but its name resembles The Atom from the Marvel series (From the Arrow). You would probably think I am a geeky introvert that glues myself on the sofa eyes on TV all the time by now? That’s pretty much quite right. Anyway, the same beef pattie and cheese was used as the above Francis Underwood Burger. The difference was a layer of meaty cheese kransky and crisped up bacon with truffle mayonnaise sauce. The kransky was extremely delightful and I love the surprise of a German ingredient played on a classic American dish.

I say both burgers were splendid and extremely tasty. I love both burgers very much as I have never tried such combinations of ingredients in a burger before. Its such a simple idea of putting all good ingredients in one dish, and the taste suddenly becomes ten times better. Grand Trailer Park Taverna also has cool store atmosphere and customers get to sit on real-life sized trailers. The whole place look just like a pub in a picnic area, cozy and warm. Now, would someone franchise Freddy’s BBQ Ribs joint from the show please?
Grand Trailer Park Taverna
87 Bourke Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 9972 3699

Mon: Closed
Tue to Sun: 11.30am-10pm
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