Foxtrot Charlie


Foxtrot Charlie
has just recently opened its doors to the public. I love how the aeroplane sets in the centerpiece, and you don’t need too much decorations to make a statement. I love flying on an airplane and something about airplanes and airports always put a smile on my face. The brunch food list at Foxtrot Charlie is pretty special especially the ones we ordered were something we have never tried before.


Pulled Beef Bun, 15AUD

The slow cooked pulled beef cheek was sticky and sweet, which left us feeling moreish. The beef was plated in the softest brioche bun with a colourful asian style salad. Aside from the white sesame seeds already stuck on the brioche, black sesame were added on the other side. The dish was not drying because the good amount of mayonnaise gives the meat enough coating and moisture.


Master Stock Poached Chicken With Japanese Style Salad, 22AUD

I do not usually order salad, but since we decided to share both plates, I don’t mind it! This salad is pretty unusual that mixes cucumbers, spring onions, seaweed and other herbs altogether. The protein used was poached chicken and everything was dressed in miso aioli. A plate so healthy, so green, and so delicious.


Curious on how they got their name, Foxtrot Charlie? If you realise, Foxtrot and Charlie are words taken out from the Nato phonetic alphabet accredited to the English Alphabet. Nato as in Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo Foxtrot Golf Hotel India Juliet…. and so on. So why the letter C and F? Because C stands for Coffee, and F stands for food. I guess that’s an Alpha for creativity!

Foxtrot Charlie
359 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Melbourne, Victoria 3056
Tel: +(61) 03 9387 3397

Mon to Fri: 7.30am-4pm
Sat to Sun: 7.30am-5pm

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  1. I think they opened a couple years ago? We walked by last year I recall. Loving the name!

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