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EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at Blue Chillies


King Prawns

We really enjoyed the night at Blue Chillies and we had a scrumptious meal over glasses of juice and wine. Blue Chillies just turned 16 recently and tonight I was lucky enough to celebrate their special occasion along with other fellow bloggers. Being in such a competitive industry, it is for a known fact not an easy venture to be able to sustain a restaurant for such a long period of time and Blue Chillies have definitely defied all odds and made it work. They have great reputation for serving modern Malaysian food, taking traditional Malaysian flavours and elevating them in various ways. At Blue Chillies you can expect to see hawker styled dishes from the streets of Kuala Lumpur or Penang refined in both flavour and presentation.

The King Prawns above was a show stopper and a topic for conversation because of its unusual appearance and staging. The prawns look exceptional because it was deep fried in fine strands of glass noodles instead of the usual batter. It was laid in a bed of tomato puree with pineapple stacks in the middle which also helped to hold its stance.


Yee Sang Salad

Yee Sang (Yu Sheng 鱼生 ) is usually served during Chinese New Year and the act of everyone on the table lifting and mixing the ingredients in dish would usually be referred to as doing a lou-hei or prosperity toss. The Yee Sand Salad at Blue Chillies did not have as much ingredients incorporated like the original styled Yee Sang. The original Yu Sheng usually has 25 or more ingredients included in the dish with each ingredient representing a particular good luck symbol. Typically these symbols are associated to wealth, success and good health. Serving us a Yee Sang Salad was an appropriate move as we are celebrating Blue Chillies’s Birthday after all.


Whitebait And Sweet Potato Fritters + Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab

We were pleased with the accumulation of mixed whitebaits and sweet potato, as we got the sweet and salty elements in every crunchy bite. We loved the fact that the oil was not retaining within, which also means that the dish was not too oily. We dipped the fritters on a chilli lime dipping sauce that has a little bit of chilli heat. The Black Pepper Soft Shell Crab on the other hand was paired with ground black peppercorn sauce that gave the crab an interesting flavour. We have never tried crabs and peppercorn together, but it sure sounded great and tasted amazing.


Pork Ribs

The Pork Ribs had a little too much of not just bones but also soft bones on it, which made it a little hard to eat. However, the marinade of the Pork Ribs was sweet and beautifully caramelised.


Rockling Fish

The Rockling Fish fillets was my favourite dish of the night. The fish was filleted perfectly and no bones were sighted. I love that little bit of heat with a pack of savoury flavour coming from the chilli, curry leaves and other spices. The buttered egg floss surrounding the fillets was a definite homerun and it tasted like salted egg fillets of fishes in general.


Duck Rendang

Rendang is one of Malaysia’s traditional dishes and Blue Chillies nailed the execution of cooking. The duck had to be slow cooked in roasted coconut and other Malaysian seasonings to soak in all that spices and flavours. The end result was a tender, soft meat which every much everyone was a fan of.


Thrice Cooked Duck

Not once, not twice, but Thrice Cooked Duck was cooked in a blend of wild ginger flower, a little bit of lemongrass, with some heat from the chillies and a hint of acidity coming from the juice of lime. The meat was absolutely moist and juicy still, while its skin was super crispy and jam packed with its natural flavour.



Black Sticky Rice Pudding

We ended off the night with a cup of Black Sticky Rice Pudding. In Malaysia you call this dessert Pulut Hitam, which also means black sticky rice drenched in coconut milk. Chef Ricky adds a little oomph to the dish and made sure to drizzle some flakes to give subtle nuances of that roasted flavour.


It was so good to see so many familiar faces as usual, and we feel so at home dining at Blue Chillies. We do believe that Blue Chillies would be able to accommodate guests swiftly and professionally if you decide to have functions at this place that could accommodate up to 40 persons at one time.

Once again Happy Sweet 16 Blue Chillies and thanks for having us on your big day!

Blue Chillies
182 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
Melbourne, Victoria 3065
Tel: +(61) 03 9417 0071

Mon to Thu: 12pm-2.30pm
Fri to Sat: 12pm-2.30pm
Sun: 12pm-2.30pm

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